Should the Production Lexus LF-LC Look Like This?

Japanese magazine Best Car has published an attractive rendering of a production Lexus LF-LC coupe. Merging the best of the LF-LC concept with the design of the RC coupe, the “LC F” rendering above is quite believable with its extreme polish — I could definitely see the production LF-LC looking very similar. Best part of …
Kevin · February 26th, 2014

Production Lexus NX Compact Crossover Leaked?

An unusual slide was shown during Toyota CEO Jim Lentz’s speech to the Society of Automotive Analysts prior to the Detroit Auto Show — while talking about Lexus in 2014, an image of what looks like a production LF-NX compact crossover was shown: There’s little reason to doubt the authenticity of this image, which is …
Kevin · January 28th, 2014

Next-Generation Lexus IS F Planned?

Despite rumors of its cancelation, Japanese magazine Mag-X reports that Lexus plans to release a next-generation Lexus IS F after all. The first mention that the high-performance sports sedan would be discontinued came last year in an article from USA Today — the debut of the RC F coupe and spy shots of a GS …
Kevin · January 23rd, 2014

Spied: Is Lexus Developing a Four-Door Coupe?

An unusual Lexus prototype has been spotted by Japanese magazine Mag-X, here it is from three angles: Despite wearing the front-end of what looks like a GS F SPORT, the long hood and short trunk suggest something else entirely — could Lexus be working a four door coupe to complete with the Mercedes CLS & …
Kevin · January 20th, 2014

Lexus RC F to be Powered by 460 Horsepower V8?

The Lexus RC F will be powered by a V8 with 460 horsepower, according to a Detroit Auto Show VIP event invitation leaked by Autoblog — here’s the invite in full (click for a larger version): Judging by the website, this event looks to be hosted by local dealerships (RSVP page asks to select one …
Kevin · December 30th, 2013

Production Lexus NX Compact Crossover to Debut at the Geneva Motor Show?

Auto Express is reporting that the production version of the Lexus LF-NX concept will debut at the Geneva Motor Show next March: Previewed by the striking LF-NX concept, first shown at the Frankfurt show in September, the compact SUV will retain the concept’s stand-out styling, according to Lexus’ European director Paul Van der Burgh. “What …
Kevin · December 4th, 2013

Lexus RC Convertible in the Works?

According to a Motoring Australia interview with Lexus RC chief engineer Junichi Furyama, the new coupe has a potential future as a convertible: However, while willing to reveal the rear-wheel drive two-door coupe boasted underbody bracing that would aid development of a replacement for the outdated IS 250C, Furyama was not prepared to confirm that …
Kevin · November 29th, 2013

Will Lexus Ever Build a Diesel SUV?

Will Lexus ever make a diesel SUV? According to a Drive Australia interview with Lexus International executive vice president Mark Templin, there is a remote possibility: Templin also reaffirmed the brand’s aversion to diesel engines, despite soaring sales of diesels in other luxury marques. “At Lexus we don’t have plans for diesel at the current …
Kevin · November 14th, 2013

Hybrid Lexus LX in 2016?

According to Reuters, the Nikkei newspaper in Japan reports that Toyota will release hybrid versions of its large SUVs in 2016: Toyota Motor Corp plans to roll out hybrid versions of its large sport utility vehicles from 2016 to prepare for tougher environmental regulations, the Nikkei reported, quoting sources. The automaker intends to develop hybrid …
Kevin · November 7th, 2013

Lexus & BMW Working Together on a Hybrid Supercar?

Peter Lyon from Motoring Australia is reporting that BMW & Lexus are working on a next-generation LFA supercar: It’s been nearly two years since Toyota and BMW announced an agreement to co-develop sports cars using state-of-the-art hybrid technologies, and now a source close to the two companies says the pair has decided on its first …
Kevin · November 6th, 2013

Lexus & BMW Working on Next-Generation LFA?

According to the November cover of Japanese magazine Best Car, Lexus & BMW are working on a joint-project to build the next-generation LFA — there’s even a rendering of what this LFA II might look like: This seems extremely unlikely (to put it lightly), but it should sell plenty of magazines when the issue comes …
Kevin · October 29th, 2013

Updated Lexus CT 200h in 2014, Brand New CT in 2016?

In a recent interview with The Motor Report, Lexus Australia Sean Hanley confirmed that the CT 200h will receive a mid-cycle refresh ahead of an all-new model in 2016: Lexus Australia chief executive Sean Hanley is refusing to admit defeat – or even disappointment – with the CT 200h baby hybrid. “We see the CT …
Kevin · October 10th, 2013

Lexus to Reveal Production Coupe at Tokyo Motor Show?

Lexus will debut a new production coupe at the Tokyo Motor Show in November, according to the Australian GoAuto website: Get set for another two-door Lexus stunner when the doors open at the 43rd Tokyo motor show next month. Lexus is tight-lipped on the exact nature of its big expose, but you can expect it …
Kevin · October 9th, 2013

Production Lexus NX Compact Crossover Released in August 2014?

Japanese magazine Mag-X has published some information on the upcoming Lexus NX compact crossover — here are the main points, roughly translated: The Lexus NX will use the same chassis platform as the RAV4. The production model could reach dealerships in August 2014. Measurements could be 4550 × 1845 × 1660mm (length x width x …
Kevin · October 3rd, 2013

Lexus RC & Lexus NX Renderings from Autobild

German magazine Autobild has published two low-resolution estimations at what the Lexus NX compact crossover & RC coupe might look like: The hood line on the RC coupe rendering is a little awkward, but both images could be decent representations on what we can expect from Lexus in the near future. [Source: Autobild] (Thanks zverigor!)
Kevin · September 26th, 2013

Is Lexus Planning an Even Smaller Crossover?

According to Car Advice, Lexus may be considering something even smaller than the LF-NX: Asked about the potential for a compact SUV during a media round-table at the Frankfurt motor show, Lexus design division project general manager Takeshi Tanabe responded: “Why not?” Larger than originally expected at 4640mm long, the LF-NX concept – set to …
Kevin · September 16th, 2013

Two New Lexus Hybrid Models in 2014

Speaking at the CAR Management Briefing Seminars in Michigan this week, Lexus International’s Paul Williamsen announced that Lexus will offer nine hybrid models worldwide by the end of 2014.
Kevin · August 9th, 2013

Imagining the 2015 Lexus RC F

Using recent spy photos as inspiration, Top Speed has tried recreating the Lexus RC F without camouflage.
Kevin · August 4th, 2013

Lexus SC to Return in 2016?

In its latest issue, Japanese magazine Mag-X suggests Lexus will be resurrecting the SC nameplate in 2016 with a production model based on the LF-LC concept.
Kevin · August 2nd, 2013

Lexus GS F Prototype Spotted!

See the photo above? At first glance, it appears to be another spy shot of the recently spotted RC F prototype, but zoom in on the right side of the image and it may very well be a GS F.
Kevin · July 15th, 2013

What’s Next for Lexus?

According to a Drive interview with IS chief engineer Junichi Furuyama, Lexus continues to weigh their options regarding their next vehicle.
Kevin · July 9th, 2013

Lexus to Bring Back the SC Nameplate?

In their latest issue, Japanese magazine BEST CAR suggests that Lexus may bring back the SC nameplate, and have created a new rendering to illustrate the possibilities.
Kevin · July 1st, 2013

New Details on the Lexus RC Coupe

Mag-X from Japan is reporting that the Lexus production model based on the LF-CC concept will be available by August 2014.
Kevin · March 20th, 2013

Is the Lexus IS F Being Discontinued?

In his review of the 2013 Lexus IS F, James Healey of USA Today claims that the high-performance sedan will be discontinued.
Kevin · March 11th, 2013

New Lexus Halo Car to Replace the LFA?

A recent report from Hans Greimel of the Automotive News explores the future plans of Lexus — let’s start with the possibility of a new Lexus halo car.
Kevin · January 2nd, 2013

No Higher Powered Lexus CT Until 2017?

According to a GoAuto interview with Lexus International general manager Andrew Kirby, a more-powerful Lexus CT will not be offered until (at least) 2017.
Kevin · December 10th, 2012

Lexus Focusing on Two-Coupe Strategy?

Colum Wood from Autoguide recently talked to Lexus USA national marketing manager Brian Bolain about the brand’s future plans for the LF-CC & LF-LC concepts.
Kevin · November 14th, 2012

Imagining a Lexus Compact Crossover

Hot on the heels of their 2014 Lexus IS rendering, CAR Magazine has taken a shot at imagining a sub-RX compact crossover.
Kevin · November 1st, 2012