Imagining a Lexus Compact Crossover

Hot on the heels of their 2014 Lexus IS rendering, CAR Magazine has taken a shot at imagining a sub-RX compact crossover:

Taking much of its shape & design from the RX with a dash of the CT, the result is attractive and makes for a good starting point — of course, the real Lexus compact crossover is certain to have a personality of its own.

What do you think?

[Source: CAR Magazine]


  1. I'm liking what they're selling, my friend.  That would make BANK! BD
  2. Lexus is following a worryingly similar trend to Audi that makes the front of its vehicles look to similar/the same. According to this and the recent IS rendering I'm worried for lexus models losing their distinctive character. Originally the Audi single frame grille effect was impressive-but their cars now look all the same and are quite blandly styled in my opinion. I always loved the fact that the IS, GS, RX, CT all looked different-now stick the spindle grille on them and they will start looking all the same-please Lexus don't do it!   
    • Why are you worried when this picture doesnt have anything whatsoever to do with Lexus, at all. It's just a stupid rendering, based on the "artists" own lack of imagination. It doesnt tell us anything about what a new car from Lexus will look like.
    • Because the GS and CT already look damn similar in style -the RX450h F-Sport too gets the same spindle grille update too and so it continues .....
    • Well, the design is more than the shape of the grille. Ofcourse it will get a variation of the spindle-grille, but all Lexus' spindle-grilles are different and it wont look exactly like the RX-grille, like this crap-rendering imagines.
    • Also, the ct an GS spindles look completely different, the ct is the most toned down because it was the first
  3. The new Lexus CUV will be named the Lexus NX and like the rest of them will likely have a hybrid variant called the NX300h and a turbocharged version, the NX200t. I'd guess a year from now lots of information will be available and sales will start in 2014.
  4. That is a very nice rendering and I think it looks great. Then the larger RX with 3rd row seats could have a more bold look; something like a mix of RX and GX, along the lines of the new MB GL.
  5. I'd be very surprised if this affects future RX pricing and market position This should be $35k-45k. The RX is tearing up the market right where it is, so it shouldn't move an inch. They need a larger crossover above it to fight the Benz GL Drop the GX, or turn it into a crossover, which they should've done two years ago..... BD
  6. I'll take Car Maker's rendition any day, over this (bad) photochop:  (It's actually disturbing IMO)