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Lexus News: Spy Shots


Spy Shot: The Next-Generation Lexus LS Interior Uncovered

Only a small part is visible, but it’s enough to uncover some details.


Spy Shots: New Next-Generation Lexus LS Prototype Spotted in Europe!

Considerably less camouflage and more detail revealed.


Spy Shots: Next-Generation Lexus LS Prototype Spotted in Death Valley

Driving in the desert alongside the Audi A8 & BMW 7-Series.


Spy Shots: Mysterious Lexus Prototype Spotted in the UK

Is this the next-generation Lexus CT or the rumored UX compact crossover?


Next Generation Lexus LS Prototype Spotted During Desert Testing

The spy shots show off a streamlined new body shape and some wacky taillights.


Camouflaged Lexus LC Prototype Spotted Again in California

The white and black camouflaged LC prototype was in Orange County for the weekend.