Rendered: The Production Lexus RC F GT Coupe

Japanese magazine Mag-X has read the tea leaves and built a production model Lexus RC F GT from the camouflaged prototype spotted last week.

A track-spec version of the Lexus coupe was teased in 2016 with the RC F GT concept, which featured an adjustable suspension, significant weight savings, and a massive fixed rear wing.

A cosmetic update will be coming to the RC F some time in the near future (Mag-X suggests it could be as early as this month) — this is standard procedure in a vehicle’s lifecycle, with reworked headlights and adjusted bumpers. The rendering illustrates these changes, along with an minor re-interpretation of the spindle grille:

Lexus RC F Closeup Grille

I do like how lower vents box out the mesh grille, creating more visual separation and simplifying the complex patterns of the front end. However, this could also prove to be a flight-of-fancy from the artist.

Here is the full page from Mag-X, should you wish to glean any more details:

Lexus RC F GT Rendering

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Probably accurate for the most part based on the spy shots, at least in terms of the shapes of the lighting. The front vents seem to be way to small, making it look awkward...
The design is cool but I prefer the daytime running light to be separate from the headlight assembly.
Looks accurate but bad from design perspective.