Spy Shots: Mysterious Lexus Prototype Spotted in the UK

A camouflaged Lexus prototype has been spotted in the UK by Carscoop, and it’s a mystery just what’s hiding under the swirls — let’s use the current CT hatchback as a point of comparison:

Lexus CT Prototype Comparison

From this photo, the trunk lid looks to have a dramatic slope and suggests a new model — however, change the angle slightly and the differences become much more muted:

Lexus CT Prototype comparison alternative

With the swirling camouflage and the lack of any scenery makes it difficult to judge the size of vehicle, but the wheels appear to be much larger than the 16-inch CT rims despite a similar design. Could these be 18-inch wheels lifted from a RAV4?

Whatever the case, this is clearly no ordinary CT mule — what do you think?

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