High-Performance Lexus LS F Prototype Spotted in Europe?

Lexus LS F Prototype

A mystery Lexus LS prototype has been spotted in Southern Europe sporting a modified front grille and bumper — from Auto Evolution:

Lexus LS F Front

The bumper is highly unusual, as it has the F SPORT mesh grille with additional cutouts but the side intakes are unlike either F SPORT or standard models. The extra airflow to the end could indicate a new powertrain — perhaps even the oft-rumored twin-turbo V8.

Lexus LS F Side

Front wheel gap is much higher than any previously seen fifth-generation LS, perhaps suggesting all-wheel drive. The hybrid badge has also been taped up.

Lexus LS F Rear

From the rear, we can see an added spoiler and no exhausts –unsurprising given the hybrid badges. However, the spy photographers made a special point of mentioning that the exhaust was extremely loud, making it quite possible that the hybrid badges are subterfuge.

It would be strange for Lexus to be working on a high-performance LS F before building a LC F coupe, but given the state of this prototype’s camouflage, an LC F could be hiding in plain sight.

What do you think? LS F? Additional LS F SPORT testing? Could the sixth-generation LS be getting a V8 option? Check out all the spy shots at Auto Evolution and let us know in the comments.