Lexus Teases New EV During Press Briefing

A new Lexus EV has been teased during a presentation by Toyota chief technology officer, Hiroki Nakajima. The press briefing was streamed online, with the teaser image being shown onscreen but unacknowledged by Nakajima himself.

Lexus Concept Teaser

There was some context around the presentation slide — at the time, Nakajima was discussing Toyota’s plan to introduce ten new EVs by 2026, so there’s a rather obvious assumption that this Lexus EV will be among the models released.

As for the concept itself, there are some clear similarities to the latest Toyota Prius — remove the illustrative flourishes, squint a little, and soak in the resemblance:

Toyota Prius vs Lexus Concept

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I hate to be that person, but NOOOO.
Lexus, release the TX. The new GX. The new RC. An electric SEDAN. I'll be excited for it when it comes because Lexus needs more electric vehicles to keep up, but this isn't exactly what the people, I FEEL, are looking for. Also, in some way it's very similar to the RZ, but less "lifted." So, that's why I think they need a sedan or an actual crossover to be the next electric. Not this.



Look at how insane the lines on the rear are. Its like some crazy next gen version of the current IS bootlid hump.


I have a feeling the IS is gonna be an important vehicle going forward, especially as Lexus electrifies.

Compare the proportions.
That is a radical design.

Look at the wheelbase. Wanna know what sort of track width theyre thinking...


Forget it the wheels must be huge.
This vehicle is large. It must be the LS. And it is not prius shaped at all based on my read.
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