2017 Lexus LS Prototype Spotted in Japan

Lexus LS Test Mule Spotted in Japan

A very awkward-looking next-generation Lexus LS test mule has been spotted by Japanese magazine MAG-X — here are the images posted on the Lexus Enthusiast forums:

Lexus LS Test-Mule
Lexus LS Test Mule

With the current LS design acting as a shell overtop the new vehicle underpinnings, there’s not much we can discern from the images — much of the car looks to be wrapped in white plastic, and the yellow fabric shields don’t give much away with the front and rear.

Even so, there is one point we can take away from this test mule — the next-generation LS is coming. Just yesterday, an LS 500h trademark was discovered in Europe, and I have received confirmation that it has also been registered in Australia.

Images from MAG-X (Thanks Carmaker1)!