Spy Shots: Three-Row Lexus RX Prototype Spotted in California?

Lexus RX Three-Row Crossover Spotted

A camouflaged Lexus RX prototype has been spotted in California, sparking rumors that this may be our first look at long-rumored Lexus three-row crossover — first, some spy shots from Autoguide:

The elaborate plastic cladding, dark rear window tints and hidden rear window makes it hard to spot that elusive third row, but this direct angle comparison shows the differences between the prototype and the 2016 RX are minimal:

Lexus RX Prototype Comparison

Photo comparisons like this are an inexact science, and for the most part it appears the two vehicles are mostly identical. Both have 20-inch wheels, and using that measurement as a baseline, the prototype does look to have a longer nose.

Another interesting comparison happens when we overlay the two images — it’s a bit of a mess, but bear with me:

Lexus RX Protoype Overlay

Once again using the wheels as the baseline, it looks like the roof of the prototype is higher than the RX. It also appear the roof slope is much more gradual on the prototype, which would certainly create more rear headspace.

Of course, even a slight difference in angle between the two photos would create discrepancies — this prototype could simply be another test of the current RX, though that does seem unlikely.

I should also point out that Autoguide has a full spy shot gallery of this Lexus prototype, and there’s sure to be details in the photos that I’ve missed. Head over there for an in-depth visual look, and report back here with any observations!