Lexus ES 200t Prototype Spotted in Colorado?

Lexus ES 200t Tester

A debadged Lexus ES prototype has been spotted in Colorado by TFL Car, who believe it to be a high-altitude test of the sedan with a 2.0L turbo engine — let’s zoom in:

Lexus ES 200t Tester Zoomed IN

The only real clue is the single exhaust, which could mean a new engine setup or simply a new test of the existing ES 300h.

An ES 200t prototype is certainly a good guess, though 2.0L turbo compared to the ES 350 — 241hp/258 lb-ft of torque with the IS 200t vs. 268hp/248 lb-ft of torque with the ES 350 — makes it questionable if the model would be offered in North America.

(In a weird coincidence, Lexus Enthusiast member Bulldog1 spotted a similar prototype in Vegas during SEMA).