Heavily Camouflaged Lexus LC Prototype Spotted in Japan

Japanese magazine Mag-X has published a new spyshot of the upcoming Lexus LC coupe, and if anything, it proves that Lexus saves its craziest camouflage for Japan — let’s play along and zoom in to the front end:

Lexus LC Zoomed In

All I can see is yellow plastic and cardboard, but the eagle-eyed among us may see something worthwhile — here’s a link to the full page for the curious.

(Thanks CIF!)

JapanLexus LF-LCSpy Shots
  • L
    Lexus Cohen
  • October 22, 2015
I'm getting super excited even though there is nothing to see here!
  • S
    Spunky D
  • October 22, 2015
Could the spindle grill be on the way out?? Hallelujah!!!!
  • D
  • October 23, 2015
Interesting how I don't see much spindle grille...even in the not so heavy camo shots you couldn't see much of one. But it is probably the camo that makes it look that way.
  • C
    Car Fan
  • October 23, 2015
The headline in Japanese says: "The Spindle Grill Has Disappeared!?".