Spy Shot: The Lexus LF-LC Production Prototype Spotted Again!

Lexus LF-LC Production Prototype

A new photo from Steering News shows off the front end of the Lexus LF-LC production prototype for the first time — let’s start comparing it to the original concept:

Lexus LF-LC Production vs Concept

The grille pattern and lack of F-style side fender vents suggest this prototype is an F SPORT version of the coupe, but it’s near impossible to get an accurate read on the design due to the swirling camouflage

There are obvious changes like the shape of the hood and an overall smoothing of the edges, but much of the concept has been carried over to the production model. The visible front bumper is a departure from the hidden-behind-the-grille design of the latest Lexus models, though this could easily be part of the coupe’s disguise.

Let’s open it up, what do you think of this latest spy shot?