Next Generation Lexus LS Prototype Spotted During Desert Testing

A prototype mule for the next generation Lexus LS has been spotted during desert testing — while much of the car’s detailing is covered, this may be our first look at the overall shape of the fifth generation Lexus flagship sedan.

How do we know this is an LS? As Autoblog points out, the outline of a spindle is visible through the camoflage on the front end and this prototype is sporting the same wheels seen on late LC mules. It’s also a very large flagship car and the logical choice for that would be the next generation LS.

Lexus LS Prototype Desert

Rumors have long indicated the next generation LS would have a more streamlined body shape, and that speculation appears true if these photos are any indication. As we have seen on the LC, a lower hood sitting atop sculpted fenders appears headed to production. In addition, a shorter front overhang and exaggerated C-pillar seem ready to give the LS some much needed style.

Lexus LS Prototype Desert 3

Moving towards the back of the car, the rear end is well camoflaged and it is difficult to make out much detailing, but we can see a much shorter trunk lid and tight packaging – again, providing a more coupe-like appearance.

Lexus LS Desert Prototype

Autoblog has a bunch of additional photos, and if we’re lucky, the retro headlights might make the option list!

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