New Rumors on the Next-Generation Lexus LS

Lexus LS Concept Fuel Cell

Motoring Australia has picked up new rumors on the next-generation Lexus LS from Japanese magazine Best Car:

[The next-gen LS] will also form the basis of the brand’s all-new LC Coupe and goes by the internal name LF-S II-FCV. This signifies the fact Lexus’ new range-topper will be available with fuel cell power, at least in some markets.

The new LS line-up will also feature a 3.5 litre V6 petrol-electric hybrid variant pumping out around 330kW.

Unlike the production Mirai fuel cell car, our sources say the new LS FCV will incorporate all-wheel drive, but whether Lexus will reveal this news at Tokyo is unclear.

The information from Best Car also included the rendering above, which has the LS taking on a very sleek profile while incorporating the front grille of the new LX, the wheels from the new RX, and the fender side vents of the Toyota Mirai.

(Most signs point to the Tokyo Motor Show Lexus concept being a preview of the next-generation LS concept — in three short days, we’ll know for sure.)