Mystery Lexus RX Spotted in Europe

Lexus RX Mystery

A mystery Lexus RX has been spotted testing in Europe, the rear lights and all badging camouflaged for no apparent reason — from Quattroruote:

Lexus RX Mystery rear
Lexus RX Mystery 2

There’s definitely something odd about this — the RX is easily identified as a hybrid with no exterior differences, but even the window markings have been taped over.

Another curious element is the trailer hitch, suggesting a towing capacity test of some description — this points towards a new drivetrain, and as this is obviously a production model, it would be in the final stages before launch.

Could it be a minor power bump to the RX 450h? Could the RX be getting the 2.5L four-cylinder hybrid from the NX 300h? Is it something completely new? Honestly, these spy shots just crack me up.

Update: LXE member ThePenguin spotted another anomaly — despite the hybrid badges on the rear doors, this RX has visible exhausts. Stranger and stranger.