Lexus LC F High Performance Coupe Spotted?

Lexus LC Spotted

Was the camouflaged Lexus spotted at the Nürburgring this weekend actually a prototype of a LC F high performance coupe? After posting the images yesterday, several members of the Lexus Enthusiast forums believe it to be the case.

All the clues are in this single image — take a look and see if you can spot them:

Lexus LC F Prototype

First off, the slight extension of the front fender would seem to indicate side vents, similar to the ones seen on both the RC F and GS F. This could be written off as a trick of the camouflage, if not for the shadow below the exhaust:

Lexus LC F Exhausts

The angle of the sun reveals a quad-exhaust system, a trademark feature of Lexus high-performance vehicles. Combined with the side vents, it could be that Lexus is trying to quietly test out an LC F coupe on the Nürburgring.