Imagining the Next-Generation 2014 Lexus IS

CAR Magazine has posted a new rendering of the 2014 Lexus IS:

Next-Generation Lexus IS

All in all, it’s a good-looking attempt at the next-generation sports sedan — that said, I do expect the new IS to have a bolder interpretation of the spindle grille and some deeper angles in the side profile (similar to the dramatic line that cuts through LF-CC’s rear wheel).

What do you think?

[Source: CAR Magazine]


  1. I'm liking those huge brake ducts! 
  2. It truly is a good interpretation of what the IS may be but in my opinion it is too GS-like. I agree with you Krew, it will probably have a better take on the grille and a different side profile design.
  3. very nice but it looks like lexus GS F
  4. I'm down with that! BD
  5. Looks awsome. But I feel like it needs to be even more in your face.
  6. This isn't close to what the IS actually looks like as the fascia is off. Right now this just looks as if all they did was slap on a GS F-Sport front with little to no alterations. This morning, I saw patent sketches(plus an image of a shaded car section) that belonged to a Lexus sedan that I didn't recognize, which was apparently the 2014 IS. While scrambling to save them, Chrome froze and crashed(I had 84 tabs open) on the OHIM database before I got to do so, as well as a BSOD. It has since been removed from or blocked on the patent database. I'm still trying to find it via a cached page or see if anybody else saw it on there. Toyota has more than likely pulled a fast one and deferred it from publication for several months, if not a year. The 2013 ES and LS XF III facelift patents just became public a few weeks ago, which I saw as well.
  7. KREW you're right. Although we're not supposed to know but you're right about the side profile. From what we heard it'll be pretty much like the CC.
  8. As you can clearly see, this is what an IS F-Sport would look like (F-Sport badge)..... BD
  9. I don't think so.. The next IS definantly and almost certainly will be more bold The above looks too 'clean'
  10. Its's certainly a good looking model by itself, but its like a combo of GS and IS. I look to a more unique one. 
  11. Not bad but I think the new IS will have a sportier look and more importantly new DRLs. Something like the LS or better. I can't imagine them using the same DRLs again.
  12. So much for "imagining".......paste 1st gen IS with new GS.
  13. The new IS will be much more aggressive. It will make the GS look laid back and cautious. A least I hope so. They can now distinguish this car as a true sports car and move away from the likeness of the ES. I think it will be way more aggressive than this.
  14. If this is the best that CAR Magazine can do,then the 2014 IS will rock their world!
  15. They really miss that nice side bolder and cut at the rear wheel arch!
  16. This appears to be nothing more than a smaller sized GS, or ES! With this new "Spindle Face" are we doomed to looking at the same car over and over again in the Lexus lineup? And I would encourage Lexus engineers and designers to rethink their whole philosophy regarding the Lexus wheels. Year after year, Lexus offers without question the most boring, blandest wheels in the industry! Spark up the wheels, you spark the car! Finally - forget about the staggered wheels on the IS. Most IS buyers could care less aobut the enhanced cornering capability. They care more about rotating their tires and extending tire life. Disgruntled but loyal Lexus owner.
    • To the people who don't want staggered tires: Get the ES. Yours truly, Lexus ---- Of course that was a joke, but as a current IS350 owner, I want everything that can enhance the handling, tire life be damned...
    • One more thing... Those people who can't handle the cost of staggered, un-rotatable tires should probably think twice before getting a RWD, performance-oriented, sports luxury sedan. The ES would be a much better choice.
    • I would hardly think an IS 250 with a 2.5 liter 6 and 204 HP is a performance oriented vehicle. IS 350 I can go along with. But fact of the matter is you have a huge number of people buying the 250 based on factors other than true performance. So for the IS 250, I would suggest uniform wheels - just as they do with the AWD version!
  17. Damn,  I got an hard one in my pants after seeing this
  18. boring, tame .... this is hardly the exciting face of a new IS!!