More Photos of the Mystery Lexus Compact Crossover Development Mule

CAR Magazine has some new photos of the mystery Lexus compact crossover test mule spotted a couple weeks back:

Mystery Lexus Compact Crossover Side Profile

Mystery Lexus Compact Crossover Rear Profile

Building the test mule to look exactly like a CT 200h was a smart move by Lexus engineers, as it certainly discourages much analysis into their plans for the compact crossover.

That said, the measurements of the CT 200h are well-known — with a 102.4 in/2,600mm wheelbase, the CT is near identical in size to the Audi Q3 (102.4 in/2,601mm), but much smaller than the BMW X1 (108.7 in/2,760mm). In fact, the BMW X1 has a longer wheelbase than the Lexus RX, which measures at 107.9 in/2,740mm. For comparison, the new Toyota RAV 4 has a wheelbase of 104.7 in/2,659mm.

(Should point out that some enthusiasts believe this vehicle isn’t a Lexus at all, but a Toyota crossover coupe prototype. After seeing the next-generation Prius test mule driving around with a CT 200h interior, I suppose anything’s possible.)

See more photos of the Lexus Compact Crossover Mule

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  • M
  • May 27, 2013
Looks like a double whishbone rear suspension and a transversally mounted muffler. Sounds pretty much like RAV4 underpinnings.
  • F
  • May 28, 2013
But in USA Lexus is in no rush to make a new SUV. As the RX is 'king of the hill'
  • D
  • May 30, 2013
I think it is a Lexus because of the front grill but i guess it could be a concept crossover for Toyota. I think Toyota is trying to make their vehicles more stylish after seeing the corolla concept so there is a good chance this could be the next gen Toyota Venza or something.