Lexus to Reveal Production Coupe at Tokyo Motor Show?

2014 Lexus RC Coupe

Lexus will debut a new production coupe at the Tokyo Motor Show in November, according to the Australian GoAuto website:

Get set for another two-door Lexus stunner when the doors open at the 43rd Tokyo motor show next month.

Lexus is tight-lipped on the exact nature of its big expose, but you can expect it to be edgy, fast and – probably – hybrid, with Toyota president Akio Toyoda’s fingerprints all over it.

[Lexus Australia chief executive Sean] Hanley would not be drawn on the nature of the Tokyo show reveal, but commented: “We will have something exciting, that’s for certain.”

GoAuto suggests that it may be a production model of the LF-LC concept, but it’s more likely to be the long-rumored RC coupe — Automotive News reported in July that the midsize two-door would be revealed at the Tokyo Motor Show, and camouflaged prototypes have already been spotted in Germany & the USA.

What do you think: if Lexus reveals a coupe at the Tokyo Motor Show, will it be a production LF-LC or LF-CC?

[Source: GoAuto]


  1. Can the big surprise be both cars The SC And The RC
  2. Too early for the LC. It's almost certainly the RC 200t/300h/350/F.
  3. it has to be the RC. the only curious part to all of this is that we've only seen mules for the RC F, and not the regular RC350, RC200t, etc.
  4. I thought the NX in production form was slated for the Tokyo Motor show??? Two new Lexus vehicles then, RC and NX???
  5. DEFINITELY the RC! The LF-LC is more than a year away, most likely coming to the 2015 Detroit Auto Show. BD
  6. RC. Even though it was rumored that the NX would be unveiled in Toyko, we haven't seen many mules other than the RAV4 lookalikes, and high-riding CT. Looking at recent history, we have seen some almost-production ready (wrapped) mules around (thinking about the GS, IS). So the NX may have been pushed back. Geneva Auto Show in March would be a good place to debut a smaller SUV for the European market. Will that mean the RC-F still be unveiled at NAIAS in Detroit come January?
    • Yes! it seems the chronological order is: engineering mule -> concept -> covered production test car -> production car. assuming this is correct, we have the RCF at the covered test car stage, the NX at the concept stage, and the GSF as the engineering mule stage. of all these, the RC makes the most sense. there have already been reports that the RC and RCF will get separate unveilings, so that is always a possibility. one revealed at tokyo, the other at detroit. having only seen the RCF test car so far, i wonder if tokyo will get the RCF and detroit the RC200t/RC350.... as for the LF-LC, that car is special. it was a pure concept that was so well received that it got the ok for production. the next logical step is an engineering mule using a version of the RC chassis, or another more production ready concept...
  7. one of RC! I'm sure for that, but still hope they reveal GSF there too!
  8. I've been waiting for this coupe's unveiling.I need a coupe, from none other than Lexus. Love my GS Fsport, my wife loves her IS Fsport. We need a date night This time it has to be F not Fsport.
  9. Production LF-LC is probably the future SC. Or SC500 assuming it will make use of the 5.0L 2UR-GSE V8 engine.
  10. Lexus needs to make the CT a more compelling choice, it falls short of what was expected of it which is a pity for the Brand. A simple fault is that there is no central fold down armrest in the rear seat as a Luxury Hybrid this is an odd omission, electric seat adjustment only available in the higher spec models, auto dimming rear view mirror etc. Simple adjustments to a good basic design to add showroom appeal in particular. Could do with a sharper performance level although I personally think its ok it does not compare with top models from the competition except that it is about the same price? More thought and ideas please Lexus.