Lexus RC Coupe to Debut at Tokyo Motor Show, High Performance RC F to Follow in Detroit

Lexus RC Coupe Automotive News

According to Automotive News, Lexus will debut the new RC coupe at this year’s Tokyo Motor Show — here’s some details:

The new coupe will arrive in U.S. dealerships in late 2014, said a company source speaking on condition of anonymity.

The RC will be powered by a 3.5-liter, 306-hp V-6 engine, same as the IS and GS sedans. A hybrid version will be offered in Japan and Europe, but not in the United States.

An RC-F performance version will be unveiled in January at the Detroit auto show. A Lexus source says the RC-F will be powered by a 460-hp V-8, up from 416 hp for the current IS-F.

A single engine for the standard North American RC coupe seems unlikely, especially with so many rumors about a new 2.0L turbo four-cylinder engine floating around.

Not offering the coupe with a hybrid engine in North America makes for a disappointing trend, as it mirrors the strategy used with the new IS — considering how important hybrid technology is to the Lexus brand, it’s a surprising decision to omit it from two of their brand new models.

Beyond it all, the biggest news has to be the RC F — a 460 hp V8 would suggest an upgrade of the naturally aspirated engine powering the current IS F, but that doesn’t necessarily fit with an earlier statement by IS chief engineer Junichiro Furuyama about the IS F’s 2UR-GSE V8:

“That V8 is a little difficult to meet Euro 6,” Junichiro Furuyama, the 2013 IS’ chief engineer told TMR, referring to the current IS F’s 5.0 litre 2UR-GSE engine.

“The engine has a high performance focus, so the combustion condition is more severe than normal engines. It’s a little more difficult than making the V6 engines comply with Euro 6.”

“To produce more power and torque it runs leaner. That is the problem. We probably need a new engine for the F model.”

So even with all these new details, there’s still plenty of mystery before the RC’s reveal in November — exciting times ahead.

(And what about the compact crossover concept that was supposed to debut at the Tokyo Motor Show?)

[Source: Automotive News] (Subscription Required)


  1. I can see them just not offering the V8 in Europe. That would solve the problem. They would get the V6 and Hybrid, we would get the V6 and V8. Maybe Yamaha will tune the V8 like they did the V10 for the LFA? So why does the test vehicle we saw yesterday have a center-mounted hood scoop? If it were a vent, it would line the flanks of the hood, not be center-mounted. BD
  2. i really like this, lexus is moving faster than ever, i hope that the 460 hp is going to be real, cause lexus needs this kind of car to compete with the m4....we have to wait and see...
  3. well only RC350 and RCF have been trademarked thus far, so the 3.5L V6 is a given. what about the RCF? imo it will be the 5L V8, at least in the US. why? imo this prototype is way too far along for it to have a "new" twin turbo V6 engine. we havent heard any real concrete info about this V6TT. it only makes sense that the car is approaching production and that it will use existing engines. however i can see europe and japan using the GS450h powertrain instead of a V8 that cant pass euro6. the IS300h engine is way too weak and the LS600h way too expensive. imo the new 2L turbo imo is too small and too weak for this premium sports coupe.
  4. so its an isf with 2 doors chopped off and wearing a superman suit
  5. MT

    Aside from particle numbers, the NOx and CO emissions of Euro 6 are the same than Euro 5 (at least for gasoline engines, not for diesels). So i don't see why the 2UR-GSE can't meet E6, it does so with E5. I am sure this 2UR not able to reach E6 is some intentionally placed misinformation.
  6. Another reason to believe the V8 will stock around in the U.S..... What will the GSF use? It will need a V8 minimum against M5 and E63, so I expect whatever they make the V8 into to have turbos on it for the GSF. And the next LS will need it's own LSF V8 as well..... BD
  7. As to the final sentence of the article wondering about the compact crossover (NX) timetable, I believe the 2013 Tokyo Motor Show debut you're referring to is for the LF-NX concept predictor, with the actual production versions slated to debut at the March 2014 Geneva Motor Show.
  8. 500 hp or bust!!!!
  9. MT

    Staying in line with Lexus current engine improvements it will be the 2UR-GSE with a 5 to 10 hp improvement over the current model, just so that it won't be more than 150 hp short of the competition.
    • how is about 450hp what is easily tuned out,and many sorces tell that its being done, from current 2ur-gse's 420hp ,too low for competition, if the next m3or m4 what ever it willbe called is said to develop aroun 440 horses...