Is Lexus Preparing a Turbocharged V6 Engine for the Next F Model?

Lexus IS F Engine

The Lexus IS F’s V8 engine is unlikely to be used in the car’s eventual replacement, according to a Motor Report interview with Lexus IS Chief Engineer Junichiro Furuyama:

“That V8 is a little difficult to meet Euro 6,” Junichiro Furuyama, the 2013 IS’ chief engineer told TMR, referring to the current IS F’s 5.0 litre 2UR-GSE engine.

“The engine has a high performance focus, so the combustion condition is more severe than normal engines. It’s a little more difficult than making the V6 engines comply with Euro 6.”

“To produce more power and torque it runs leaner. That is the problem. We probably need a new engine for the F model.”

Furuyama-san doesn’t give much detail on what might replace the V8, other than to say “natural aspiration or turbocharged engines” could be used — a fairly broad statement, but lenda credibility to last year’s rumor that the next-generation IS F could use a twin-turbo V6. One thing’s for certain, the next F model will not be a hybrid:

“Sometime in the future, even the F model could become a hybrid,” Furuyama said to TMR.

“In future, yes, but for this generation, no.”

Once again, Furuyama-san’s reluctance to mention the IS F specifically gives some weight to the idea that IS F may be replaced by a new F model — this also has me curious about what might power the GS F, should those rumors prove to be true.

Read the full Furuyama Interview


  1. I wouldn't be surprised if they used a TT setup in a 6, it's not like they don't have experience in that field before, maybe they're doing a lot of homework before putting it into production!
  2. Though I am very fond of the sound and feel of a V8, I'm just glad the hear there is going to be a next gen F.
  3. my recommendation.. give it to yamaha to develop a new isf engine
  4. MD

    Yamaha makes magic happen. They made things happen for the LFA which no other car has. A V10 smaller and lighter than a V6, highest revving production ever made with a 9500 rpm rev limiter and a throttle response no other car can match. All while meeting the Euro 5 emission standards. I am sure Yamaha can built a high-revving naturally aspirated engine that can meet Euro 6 emission standards.
    • But a high revving V8 isn't nice. The new V6 could be a 2GR-FTE
    • I agree, what they should do is make a V8 smaller and lighter than a V6, high revving, that way no turbo lag in throttle response. Small engine can be mounted lower & further back for lower center of gravity. Toyota did wonders with the GT86/BRZ/FR-S, imagine a 420+ RC-F with a chassis like a GT86. One would also hope this partnership with BMW spawns some tech for the M4, RC-F & Supra.
  5. But these emission standards are getting quite out of hand..
  6. Yamaha did not make the LFA engine. Yamaha specialises on cylinder heads and turning of most toyota engines. even the ISF engine, yamaha had a hand on it. The twincam toyota engine cylinder heads of those engines were made by yamaha not the entire engine
    • MD

      No you are wrong. Yamaha BUILT the engine. It was a unique collaboration done only on a very handful high-revving engines Toyota/Lexus produced. This comes straight from Tanahashi-san. Lexus co-engineered the engine, but Yamaha was the primary developer of the engine. Again, confirmed by chief engineer Tanahashi san. The Lexus IS-F engine is only a re-tuned LS460 engine stroked to 5.0 Liter V8. Completely different story. It is not a high-revving engine so it did not need much work from Yamaha. Previously, 2ZZ-GE and BEAMS 3S-GE were the two engines that were primarily built by Yamaha as well.
  7. I don't understand why people assume there isn't going to be another IS F. He said the next F model. That could mean the next general F -model, meaning RC F or GS F ect, or it could mean the next IS "F model". I don't see Lexus getting rid of the IS F with the M3 and C63 still around. Plus, a V6 would easily fit in the new IS and the F-sport model is so sporty now it wouldn't need too much upgrades.
    • Yeah, I'm not sure where all this is coming from ... Saying that they will discontinue the IS F is a bigger gamble and assumption than stating that this engine will be used for an IS F. The F model engine will be a standard engine just like Mercedes' 63 AMG. There is NO WAY Lexus will get rid of the IS F.. it would actually be extremely stupid if they did. The current design along with quad exhausts, high RPM and turbo would definitely increase their market share.
  8. My hope are ... - 3.5-liter - V6 - 24-valve DOHC - Dual VVT-iE - D-4S - Twin Turbo
  9. Cool, TT 2 big fans and 2 small ones. I approve!