Lexus Files Trademark for GS F High Performance Sedan

Lexus Project GS F SPORT by Five Axis

Big news — Lexus has filed a trademark for GS F with the United States Patent Office, opening the door for a high-performance variant of the mid-size sports sedan. This may be Lexus simply hedging their bets, but rumors of a GS F have been circulating since before the GS production model hit dealerships.

There’s also another more recent angle — with talk that Lexus may be discontinuing the IS F and the rumor of a RC F coupe, a GS F would be the perfect vehicle to take over as the brand’s high performance sedan.

The GS F trademark was filed under Application #85877105 on March 15th, 2013.

(Please note, the above image is the Project GS F SPORT by Five Axis, and not the GS F.)

[Source: My.IS] (Thanks k3vo!)


  1. it will be awesome .. good job lexus
  2. I just wet my pants a little
  3. Saw this coming. Glad to see, and hope we will see production models of both the RC-F and GS-F in the next 2-3 years.
    •'s the next gen F. As a prior GS owner, a GS-F will never be the beast my IS-F is. I expect to see another IS-F in a year or so. There is no oth ride like it.
  4. Now this is a good news. Looks like lexus is listening to their customers...
  5. They should just lower the price of the LFA to $50,000. :P
  6. Great move---future is developing like we have hoped it would....even though Trade Marking is no guarantee, but I know LEXUS will pull will also open the door for the LSF Flagship Sedan in the future as well. AKIO is the man ! Keep it moving forward !
  7. That is good news indeed. Lexus is bringing performance to a whole new level.
  8. Boss time !!!!
  9. wonder what it will cost. The IS F is about double the price of a standard IS. So we are talking about $80,000+...
    • PG

      I agree, $80,000 sounds about right considering that both the E63 and M5 currently run around $90,000. And the Lexus will probably be priced above the upcoming CTS-V's rumored $75,000-80,000.
    • CTS-Vspec should be price from north to $10.99 + local, state & federal taxes. You can even include recycling fees. That is where Cadillac's belong, it shouldn't even be mention with those 3 cars.
  10. RC F with V8, and GS F with V10 (from LFA) and will perfect. :) Maybe even a GS F hybrid version (V8 + electric motor with higher performance)?
  11. IS F will not be discontinued. Actually, with all the requests for a manual option, I think the IS F and GS F may actually be released with a manual option.
  12. I can see Lexus dropping the ISF, and replacing it with the RCF. They don't need both Obviously the GSF is coming..... It will have it's hands full with the new-and-improved ultra-light CTS-V coming down the pike as well.... BD
  13. Lexus is losing face With all this F-nonsense. Go back to being Lexus, that's what people who actually buy the car want's. Dont listen to people calling themselves BOSS, PIMP or Black Dynamite. They just like to read and dream about the cars on blogs, and they dont actually buy cars(other than used).
  14. 500hp Hybrid?.......
  15. so can we except under the hood to find the 650hp , V8 (LS-TMG)???
  16. There are two engines that Toyota is keeping under wraps in Japan. a 380hp supercharged V6 2GR-FSE and and a 565hp hp twin turbo V8 1UR-FSE. And the tantalizing fact? BOTH engines are already in use in the Japan-only Toyota Crown, which shares the same platform, engine bay and drivetrain as the Lexus GS. Think about it : a 565hp Lexus GS is technically a plug-and-play option. The only question is whether the higher-ups in Lexus think it is economically feasible.
    • i havent found that 1ur-fse in any car but consept tmg ls650, and yuo say its in usealredy
    • Read at wiki on Toyota crown, and u will see they started use the bi turbo on last model and the supercharged 3.5l on the latest model..And yes it is sad they dont use that engines in Eu and Usa..Happy Eastern everybody..
  17. Yeepi... whoohooo!!!
  18. They are putting the brand new in a top secret development 2JZ TT i6 on the new IS F. #Fact #ICanDieHappy #lol
  19. You guys! What body kit is wrapped around that GS. Also anybody know what kind of wheels those are?