Lexus IS to get Turbocharged Four-Cylinder Engine?


According to a Car Advice interview with Lexus IS Chief Engineer Junichi Furuyama, Lexus may be planning to replace the model’s 2.5L V6 with a small turbocharged engine:

Speaking at the Detroit auto show, where the third-generation Lexus IS made its official debut, the chassis chief said that Lexus “still have some time to consider” whether the existing 2.5-litre naturally aspirated V6 would be replaced by a smaller, boosted engine.

“Turbocharged downsizing engine is something that we keep as one of the options,” added Furuyama-san.

“Currently we are considering whether or not we should maintain the current naturally aspirated V6 engine, or we should shift to turbocharged downsizing.”

Furuyama-san is likely referring to four-cylinder 2.0L turbocharged engine that was mentioned in last year’s technical timeline — expected to be introduced in a currently-unidentified vehicle in 2014, this new engine would provide a much needed power boost to the IS lineup.

[Source: Car Advice]


  1. Big Mistake, even if more power is offered.
    • how is it a mistake? everyone else doin it...personaly i dnt care 4 the 2.0T or 2.5NA but im sure the 2.0T will give it more power & a little kick to phe performance that ppl want. hopefully they stick a 6spd MT to it too
    • In my opinion turbos I've personally driven in the "luxury" category have unsmooth power delivery, miniscule power down low, and the engine just doesn't feel smooth.  An exception for me would be the 2013 CLS550. That car was definitely nice, smooth and powerful, but I think that's because it was a big engine paired with turbos. Not a small engine with boost shoved into it.Just some of the FI cars I've driven: A3(2007?), F30 328i, 2013 CLS550 and CLS63 AMGTo me turbocharging is ancient technology.... The japanese have been turbocharging since forever it seems, but in the recent decade or so most of the major manufacturers have dropped turbo in favour for NA engines. 
    • agreed to some extent but it's the mentality that "turbos" are the future. It's in the mindset of the people. If you take two of the same cars same price same everything except one cars engine is NA and the other is turbo then the choice is clear...
    • I just don't see how turbo is a clear choice. NA is able to sip fuel when not stressed, but it can also ramp up in power if required. Obviously it uses more fuel when you rev it up, but how is turbo any different? Turbo is just jamming more air and fuel in a smaller area.  For stock mass production cars I don't see why lean burn NA engines is not the choice for anyone? NA is simpler and can use as little fuel as a turbo (to an extent of course). FRS/86BRZ is a nice example. 100hp per litre and it can sip fuel all day. A lot of people are achieving around 40mpg from what I've read. 
    • There is a lot more advance technology in modern turbocharged engine. For one, a lot of manufacture are incorporating Direct Injection that will improve power output and reducing fuel consumption. Also the use of low friction parts, reducing drag on the engine and so forth will allow newer turbocharge engine be more fuel efficient and consume less gas than their V6 counterpart. 
    • The only reason why the Japanese automaker dropped turbocharge engine because of emissions. But advancement in engine technology allows turbochargers to make a comeback.
    • All the same technologies are being put into NA engines as well.  Most japanese manufacturers actually still make turbo cars, but just considerably less.  In the end I really don't mind FI that much. I actually love it for certain applications, but I just don't believe it is a luxurious solution for reducing fuel consumption because of the reasons I stated earlier. 
  2. It will sell like candy in non-US markets....
  3. This shouldn't even be a question that needs to be asked. The 2.5L v6 is anemic at best... time for a Turbo!
  4. The 2.5 v6 will always be more smooth and lexus-like than a2.0t l4. Regardless of hp or torque ratings. I just hope they execute it well. Im currently driving a l4 turbo (2011) mated to a7sp automatic and its terrible in every aspect you can think off, noisy, vibrations, turbo lag. Only fuel consumption is allright and thats very important in todays market Please Lexus if you do it do it right!
  5. The current 2.5 is a smooth but imo useless engine if one wanted more spirited driving, and the 3.5 however is a nice engine but getting a little long down the line, maybe swap it for some turbo engines and it'll spice up the Lexus brand a bit. I'm tired of Lexus rolling awesome products but keep the same old engine from the last century....
    • What's wrong with the 3.5L engine?? It's powerful, smooth, efficient and reliable. And quite high-tech. 2GR-FSE And even the 3.5L V6 in the Camry is smooth, efficient and powerful. It takes the Camry from 0-60mph in 5.8 seconds There was a test conducted and the 1.6 & 2.0L Turbo engines consumed more gas than the 3.5L V6 found in Toyota, Lexus, Honda & Nissan
    • read the mans writing before questioning. The dude never said there was anything wrong with the 3.5 it's just been the same old engine for decades, and it be nice to swap it out for something else
    • Yeah but what's wrong with it??!! And that engine first appered in 2006/2005 So how's it 'decades, old?.. --So when you drive the IS350, do you say to your self, man this engine feels old! No exactly you don't!
    • Drive a 350 competitor with a turbo and you'll actually know what I mean in terms of exciting..
    • I agree!Why not revamp the 2.5 L. & turbo charge it?You'd have the best of both worlds...
    • MT

      It was first in the 2003 Toyota Crown. So yes it is a decade old. :-)
  6. No loving the idea of going to 4cyl Turbo.  Because the 4cyl Turbo engines might be great for fuel efficency.  But it will lack the refinement of a V6 engine.   I've ridden in a brand new 328XI with Bimmer new version 4cyl Turbo engine.  It was just horrible.  Sound horrible. feels not that much better in power compared with the previous 6cyl it replaces.  I mean it's ok to have a wonderful 4cyl turbo in Evo or STI in the likes.  But not in a luxury sport sedan.   Audi's A4 2.0T is horrid.  No body can make a 4cyl engine sound good in a luxury car.  Keep the 2.5L V6 perhaps supercharge it then I would say that would be a better alternative
    •  "I mean it's ok to have a wonderful 4cyl turbo in Evo or STI in the likes.  But not in a luxury sport sedan." --------------------------------------------------------- Luxury sports sedans have been using 4-cylinder engines for decades in places like Europe or even in Japan. A modern 4-cylinder engine is refined and smooth and I doubt most people will be able to tell the difference between a modern 4-cylinder and a 6-cylinder engine. The differences in refinement end up being a subjective opinion.
  7. 4-banger on this type of car? not interested. Maybe a small displacement V6 with turbo is ok..I guess. Or a revised 2JZ :P
  8. Makes total sense!  have 3 engine options - 2.0ltr 4cyl Turbo, 2.5 ltr 4cyl hybrid, 3.5ltr V6.  All bases covered.
  9. Most of you are right, a 4 cylinder engine, turbo or not isn't as smooth as a V6. But smoothness is Lexus' strength and if they choose to make a 2.0L turbo engine available for the IS they'll find a way to make it as smooth as the 2GR in the ES. The important thing here is torque. I'm sad to admit it but I'd rather have turbo lag on a 4 cyl. than low torque from a V6. As far as sound is concern, I wouldn't be worried about making it sound right. If Lexus can make the LFA's V10 sound better than a Ferrari V12 believe me they'll make the 2.0L turbo sound better than anyone else. I said it before and I'll say it again, Toyota once mastered turbo engines and with today's technologies there are many ways to counter the negative sides of turbochargers. I say go ahead with that 4 cyl. turbo, especially if you mate it with a 6sp. manual and even more if it's also in the CT-F ;)
  10. Sounds like they want to ape the new turbocharged engine that has reportedly been in development for the Scion FR-S. They will need to tune it for a higher output to accomodate for the IS's size/weight in relation to the FR-S but I think it will be a welcome addition IF AND ONLY IF Lexus is smart and offers it in North America, unlike the 300h.
  11. they should make a turbocharged six cylinder so It can be tuned crazy like the JZ engine series :D
  12. Zr6

    No thank you!!! I have driven the base C-class with a 2.0L Turbo and my goodness that car was sluggish, the engine sounded extremly terrible, harsh and unrefined.. I love driving my ultra velvety smooth and unruffled Lexus IS250.. And it's not slow, it is fast and smooth, reliable etc etc
  13. That decision has already been made.  This sorry base V6 is living on borrowed time..... BD
    • I'm with BDO... I think the decision has already been made and Toyota is holding their cards close to the vest. They'll need to eventually, to balance out their lineup (with the big Toyota trucks). I'm betting on a 4-cyl turbo, more horsepower than the current 2.5L V6, the manual tranny option returns (borrowed from the GT86), and that manual option will come one way -- for driving enthusiasts loaded up as an F-sport only model. 
    • Maybe, probably, that new engine will also work it's way into the GT86/FRS in 2015. That car will need a mid-gen refresh, and I'm sure more power from a bigger four is apart of it.  It would be foolish not to..... BD
    • The manual transmission in the FRS/GT86 is from the IS.
    • wat IS is the manual frm? theres no IS 250 wit a 6spd MT
    • Oh yes there is. They discontinue the IS250 6spd MT this year. Look it up on google and I just drove one at the dealership a few months ago.
    • The manual should come back with the new engine Looks like the 3.5 V6 is not manual-compatible BD
    • LOL oh yea, the Japanese sure they already gotta MT brewed up 4 the Jap & Euro marked 4 the new IS. they never sold an MT IS250 here in US. that gold looks nice tho, another thing never offered in US
    • They did sell the IS250 Manual here. Look it up on the Lexus pressroom under 2012. The proof is there. I work for Lexus and drove one the other day.
    • more visual proof on a USDM IS250. One is a sedan and the other is the convertible.
    • Also looked at the CarMax website. There are 4 IS250 manuals on for sale right now. I believe CarMax is a US used car dealership.
    • Your and others crying could make Lexus build crappy cars. Since you cant afford a Lexus with a real engine, a 6 cyl engine, buy yourself a Scion or Daewoo instead!  You can even put a turbo on it.
  14. Seems like everyone is forgetting that Lexus has a whole range of 4 cyl engines in their lineup. The RX270, ES250, ES300h, CT200h, IS220d, IS300h. Have any of the reviewers said anything bad about those 4 cyl engines in those vehicles?
  15. MT

    This news reminds me somehow of "Lexus IS to get wagon version?" headlines. As I see more (i guess mostly north american) people here liking the V6 better than a turbo-4 I think it will stay V6 4GR-FSE until the next generation IS is released in 2021 as a 2022 model year. For Europe a 2.0t would be good as in many countries taxation goes according to displacement and/or fuel economy ratings. So one more reason for Lexus to keep the V6 as they are trying very hard not to sell anything in Europe. As smooth as the IS250 runs, but that engine has to go. It is just old an highly unefficient. The 350 is nice doing 100hp more with almost the same fuel efficiency.
  16. How does it make sense to be down on an engine Lexus hasn't built yet,just because similar engines from other manufacturers were less than perfectly executed? 
  17. I think this is a great idea. A lot of people like a fast car and this will help Lexus get there.
  18. Guys, I came from 3 VWs before I got my '12 IS250.  My Gti and CC had the excellent 2.0t engine. It was fast and very economical and I got way better fuel consumption than the 2.5 V6 in the lexus.  It was a fun engine and relatively smooth.  That said, the V6 is on a completely different level.  It's smoother and quieter and you feel like it's just begging you for more at 90mph.  For all the talk about lack of power, I have to admit with my commute, I've never lacked for power in either car.  I would say that a 2.0t engine in an IS would probably be just fine, but for the purists, it would be a let down.  That said, when BMW replaced the coveted inline six from the 3 series, fans cried that the company let them down, but I see a TON of new 3 series out there, so clearly the engine didn't kill the brand reputation. I'm not sure yet whether I would get another IS after my lease is up, but the engine wouldn't be my deciding factor.  I am 100% sure that Lexus would get it right.
    • You make a fair point, but the 2.5 V6 is neither torquey, nor fuel efficient.  And it's ratings are downright weak compared to the competition.  It's holding Lexus back.  And it probably doesn't fit under the hood of the CT, which is probably why it's not there right now In practice, the engine might be fine.  But it is a liability for Lexus in the marketplace because it's not marketable...... BD
    • The 2.5L maybe not very fuel efficient.. But them 1.6, 1.8 & 2.0L turbos are not fuel efficient.. People are tricked, but in the real world a 2.0L turbo will suck much more gas then a 3.5L V6.. And the compromises and problems with turbo. Not to mention less performance, harsh engine noise and all that jazz.. Just watch
    • This guy kind of reminds me of BDO. He even loves Daewoo, 4-cyl and t-t-t-turboz. :P
  19. just to add - lexus has trademarket NX200t for some markets already so it makes sense that first car to receive 2.0t is new NX, which should be unveiled at Tokyo auto show, late 2013.
  20. I suspect we'll see a twin turbo petrol - launched in new IS coupe late 2014
  21. Personally I don't think the new IS should get a turbo 4. If possible which it is, Lexus could make the 2.5 v6 make around 240 hp or so and the 3.5 make around 330 like the Infiniti G and new Q50 from Infiniti
    • The IS350 accelerates from 0-60mph faster than the Infiniti G.. And it's also more fuel efficient, has more torque and sounds much nicer. IS350, now with the new one IS350 having 8-speeds we can expect better acceleration and better fuel economy.
    • That's true but back to the 2.5 V6 they could just keep it and make it put out more power.
  23. My dad just took a course by 'turbo hoot' here in the Netherlands, and they say a turbo will live for 120.000 km 'regular'. (a small note here, they expect that everyone drives there turbo charged cars properly calm when it is still cold and let it run for a minute when everyone is on destination before turning off the engine.) This means more maintenance costs. So the economic lifetime of (twin)turbocharged cars is lower than of not turbocharged cars. A problem is the air which pushes the turbine. It 'barns' the turbine. I think Lexus/Toyota would better look for strong hybrides or use KERS-system on there cars. This system use braking power to drive a turbine (like a turbo), but in vacuum space. Thanks to this it won't barns like a turbo.
  24. The IS250 is a great drive. But it is let down by the engine and gearbox. Great sounding and super smooth but the V6 is sluggish. Lexus needs a more competitive engine. A 2.0T with 240 bhp is the way to go. With the right engine the IS will cream the 328i. The only thing stopping the IS250 is that engine!
  25. MD

    Recently, I drove the Audi A5 with a 2.0 Liter turbo engine making 255 - 260 HP ish and my God, it was a terrible engine. Sounded worse than a Neon SRT-4 and terribly buzzing and screamed economy engine. Also, the turbo lag until 2500 rpm was annoying in constantly changing throttle inputs situation where it would do nothing for the first few split seconds and then it would buck forward. Turboes s*ck big time from a driving experience and refinement stand point. Stick to efficient N/A smooth V6 engines.