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Lexus News: Tech

Next-Generation Lexus LS is Semi-Autonomous, Not “Self-Driving”

New Lexus LS to feature safety systems that ensure drivers are paying attention.

Lexus Announces Semi-Autonomous Safety Features for New LS Sedan

The new flagship is getting a mind of its own.

Apple’s Self-Driving Lexus RX 450h Spotted in California

The SUV was covered in sensors, just like you’d expect.

Lexus Trademarks LS-FC Concept in the USA

Is there a new fuel cell concept on the way?

Apple to use Lexus RX 450h for Autonomous Driving Test Program

Apple joins Google in using the Lexus crossover for their computer controlled driving tests.

Lexus Introduces New Lane Valet Autonomous Technology

This advanced system improves traffic flow on most two-lane highways.