Is this the First Lexus Electric Vehicle Concept?

Lexus EV City Car Concept

Autocar has a new rendering on the upcoming electric city car concept Lexus will reveal at the Tokyo Motor Show, along with some detailed information:

It’s a small, city-friendly model with a tall roof that clears up a generous amount of cabin space…the model relies on innovative in-wheel electric motors for power.

While it will be presented as a simple design study, Lexus strongly hinted at least some parts of it will reach production in the coming years.

The rendering, which appears to either be from Lexus itself or based on insider information, shows a spindle grille that encompasses the front hood. It brings to mind an earlier interview with Lexus Design general manager Koichi Suga:

However, there is some pressure from customers to make EVs look different from their fossil-fuel burning counterparts. “For us to interpret and create a new kind of look is a challenge and that is something that we are working towards. So even our team right now are working on new designs, trying to answer that question,” says Suga.

The Tokyo Motor Show opens on October 24th.