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Lexus to Release Autonomous Highway Driving LS Sedan in Japan This Fall

Lexus LS Japan

Lexus will introduce a LS sedan in the fall of 2020 that can drive by itself on highways, according to the Chunichi Shimbun in Japan.

The newspaper reports that a special edition of the production LS flagship will be able to enter the highway, change lanes and pass other vehicles, all automatically. The system will require the driver to maintain contact with the steering wheel, but most normal driving operations will be autonomously handled.

This is all part of an automotive technology blitz by Toyota during the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo. During the global sports event this summer, self-driving Lexus prototypes will be available for test rides by the public, where the car will handle all driving operations.

(At this point, it’s unclear if this highway-driving LS will be available in markets outside Japan.)


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This has to be the level 2/3 car without the additional sensor arrays, they said the level 4 is going to be demoed at the games in controlled conditions, didn't they?

If so there is hopefully no reason not to offer it abroad.