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Lexus Discusses Over-the-Air Updates for Upcoming Autonomous Vehicle

Lexus LS Plus Concept

Lexus may offer downloadable dynamic driving upgrades for its first autonomous vehicle — from an Automotive News interview with Lexus president Koji Sato:

Automotive News: The autonomous technology will be upgradable over the air (OTA). When do you plan to offer OTA?

Sato: It won’t be this year, but sometime in the future. The car that debuts this autumn will be OTA-ready, but OTA itself will not happen this year.

AN: What opportunities are there to create new revenue streams via over-the-air solutions?

S: One example — and this is just an idea — the customer could upgrade the driving character, the suspension settings or aerodynamics that are linked to performance and make them fit their own tastes. They could download this. Technology improvement never stops. At launch the technology is at the perfect level, but, of course, we will never stop so we will find new solutions.