First Lexus Electric Vehicle to Debut in China This Month

Lexus Electric Vehicle

Lexus will debut their first electric vehicle at the Guangzhou International Automobile Exhibition in China. From the press release:

Specifically crafted to suit the needs of audiences in China and Europe, this further advances the brand’s desire to offer a portfolio of electrified powertrain choices for diverse audiences worldwide.

Using the teaser image above as a guide, it appears an electrified version of the UX crossover is on the way — as a comparison:

Lexus UX Crossover Hybrid Badge

It appears the new electric vehicle will initially be limited to the Chinese & European market — most telling is that the Lexus USA pressroom has no mention of the upcoming debut. This runs counter to a recent quote from Lexus president Yoshihiro Sawa saying the model would be available in “China, North America, and other regions where demand for ‘pure’ EVs is high.”

The Guangzhou International Automobile Exhibition opens on November 22nd.