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Lexus News: China


Strong Sales Growth for Lexus in China

Sales in August up 70%, and the brand is well on target for 100k sales in China.


Throwback Thursday: First-Generation Lexus IS Stars in New Commercial

Lexus Hong Kong features the classic IS in a commercial for the new model.


How China is Shaping the Future of Lexus Design

All three Japanese brands are tailoring their designs to stand out in the Chinese market.


Lexus Sales Climbing in China

Lexus China sales were up 45% in January.


No Plans to Build Lexus Vehicles in China

Lexus continues to hold off on plans to manufacture vehicles in China, and it may be decades before brand executives change their mind


Lexus Delays Plan to Build Vehicles in China

Lexus has postponed plans to start building vehicles in China due to a slowdown in the country’s automotive market and lower manufacturing costs in Japan.