Lexus China Sales Up 14% in 2013

Lexus ES 300h China

Lexus China sales increased 14% in 2013, for a total of 73,000 vehicles sold — here’s more information from Chinese website Gasgoo:

According to Lexus China statistics, the brand has sold 73 thousand in Chinese market, which has increased 14%. Hybrid cars take more than 20 thousand, and grow up to 43%. Hybrid car sales take 27% of entire sales of 2013. On Feb 14, as reporter know from Lexus China that the brand wants to improve its hybrid car sales further to 30%.

Like in most markets, hybrid technology is the key difference between Lexus and its competitors. Lexus China is hoping consumers continue to see the value, making hybrids a key part of their marketing in 2014.

The slow growth of Lexus in China brings to mind a Wall Street Journal article from last year:

Lexus sold 64,000 cars in China last year, accounting for about 7.6% of Toyota’s overall sales in the country. In contrast, BMW’s sales in China jumped about 40% to roughly 326,000 vehicles in 2012. Lexus has lagged behind the German brands, which dominate the Chinese premium market, in part because of its late entry and limited distribution network. Toyota began selling Lexus vehicles in 2005, more than 15 years after Audi built its first car there.

“Because we’re so new we’re still establishing a retail network of dealerships in China,” said Mr. Templin. “We have to first get our distribution channels in place.” Lexus had 99 dealers in 2012, while Mercedes-Benz, for example, had 262.

“I don’t think that building the brand fast is what we really want to try to do in China,” he said “What we want to do is cultivate our image for quality and customer service and let the customers that we have go tell that story for us. That’s more effective than just us doing mass marketing and telling the world we’re great.”

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