Lexus Global Sales in 2012

Lexus RX Best Selling Lexus Ever

Details on Lexus’ global sales in 2012 were released today by Lexus Europe, starting with overall sales — over the twelve months of 2012, Lexus sold 476,566 units for a 18% jump compared to 2011.

This sales increase made Lexus the fastest growing manufacturer among the top five luxury brands, and set best-ever sales records in 14 markets, including Europe, Netherlands, Norway and Russia. As a point of interest, global hybrid sales climbed to 26% of all sales, as compared to 18% in 2011.

Here are the sales increases by region: Japan (+3%), North America (+22%), Europe (+5%), China (+13%) & Middle East (+50%).

The RX was the best selling Lexus globally in 2012, selling 162,544 units and making up 34.11% of total Lexus sales. The CT (64,023), LX (28,747) & GS 450h (8,466) all set annual sales records.

(Here’s some further number crunching — Lexus global sales since 1989 total 6,129,631 units, and the best selling Lexus model of all time is the RX with 1,792,255 units sold since 1998. Put another way, the RX accounts for 29.24% of all Lexus sales since the launch of the brand.)

[Source: Lexus Europe PR Twitter Account]