Stunning New Lexus Dealership Opens in Malaysia

A beautiful new Lexus dealership has opened in Ipoh, Malaysia — here are some photos from Paul Tan: Lexus Ipoh is the seventh dealership in Malaysia, and is located along Jalan Kuala Kangsar in Perak’s capital city. The facilities include a four car showroom and a four-bay service centre. See more photos of Lexus Ipoh …
Kevin · September 15th, 2014

Photo Gallery: Lexus RC F in South Korea

The Lexus RC F in Ultrasonic Blue made an appearance at the Busan Motor Show in South Korea: (Even after all the coverage of this car in this color, I can’t help but admire new photos. What a monster.) See more photos from the Busan Motor Show
Kevin · June 5th, 2014

Should Lexus Build an Ultra Luxury Van for Asia?

Hans Greimel from Automotive News reports on an unusual rumor — Lexus dealers in Asia want Lexus to build a one-box van: The reasoning: Today’s chauffer-driven executive, politician or other high roller finds the cramped rear seats of the Lexus LS, the brand’s flagship, or the Toyota Century, the staid old-school V-12 limousine usually spotted …
Kevin · March 12th, 2014

Lexus Launches in Vietnam

Lexus officially launched in Vietnam on December 26th, opening their first dealership in Ho Chi Minh City. The Lexus Central Saigon dealership is massive, with a similar design to Lexus Japan’s Takanawa showroom: The Lexus lineup in Vietnam consists of the ES, GS, LS, RX & LX — no hybrid or F SPORT models are …
Kevin · January 3rd, 2014

Right-Hand Drive Lexus ES Starts Arriving in Asia-Pacific Dealerships

After a five year hiatus, the sixth-generation ES has returned to the Asia-Pacific’s right-hand-drive markets, with the new model arriving in dealerships this week — as part of the new launch, the ES even received a police escort through Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia: Lexus Hong Kong, Lexus Malaysia, Lexus Singapore, & Lexus Australia have all …
Kevin · October 30th, 2013

World’s Largest Lexus Showroom Opens in Taiwan

The world’s largest Lexus showroom has just opened in Kaohsiung, Taiwan — here are some photos: No further details at this time, but the massive size is visible in every one of these photos. What’s most impressive to me is how tasteful & understated the showroom is — very nicely done. [Source: Lexus Taiwan & …
Kevin · September 24th, 2013

The Future of Lexus F & F SPORT

Singapore’s SGCarMart recently sat down with Lexus Asia Pacific’s general manager of marketing Kirk Edmondson, and the future of F SPORT was brought up.
Kevin · June 11th, 2013

Lexus IS 300h Review from Asia One

David Ting from Asia One recently drove the new Lexus IS 300h, and enjoyed it much more than previous Lexus hybrids.
Kevin · April 12th, 2013

More 2013 Lexus LS Spy Photos

Just hours after a photo of the 2013 LS F SPORT was released by Lexus, photos of the standard 2013 LS have surfaced on a South Korean message board Bobaedream.
Kevin · July 27th, 2012

Is the Lexus LFA More Durable Than a Ferrari?

Top Gear Philippines has a funny little story from Lexus executive Paul Williamsen, who recently ran into a group of Ferrari owners curious about the Lexus LFA’s durability.
Kevin · May 27th, 2012

Flickr Find: Underground Lexus CT

Really liking this Lexus CT 200h photo by Flickr photographer Lil Tian, taken on location from a Ikea parking garage in Malaysia.
Kevin · July 12th, 2011

Lexus CT 200h Lightshows from France & Singapore

Similar to the introduction of the CT 200h in Dubai, Lexus France also did an exceptional 3D display projection on the side of the Château de Saint-Germain-en-Laye: How brilliant that Lexus has managed to “sync” its regional launch events with a global theme. Here’s two more videos of a lightshow from Lexus Singapore — first …
Kevin · March 20th, 2011

Lexus Taiwan CT 200h Commercial

Lexus Taiwan’s CT 200h launch commercial is in the same vein as the USA’s Escher-inspired effort: One thing I’ve noticed about all the commercials so far is how energetic they are — there’s a very consistent feel throughout all the different global markets.
Kevin · March 2nd, 2011

Lexus Magazine Takes a Malaysia Road Trip

Lexus Magazine writer Rod Mackenzie took an RX 450h on an adventure through Malaysia in a quest to find a remote resort called Fraser’s Hill: For years, I’ve fantasized about penetrating Malaysia’s dense jungle interior on a modern-day Heart of Darkness journey, complete with creeping tigers. This exotic road trip, however, comes with a major …
Kevin · August 17th, 2010

Insane Lexus IS/Toyota Crown/Honda Civic Mashup

Take a Lexus 2IS rear-end and a Toyota Crown front-end and meld them with the body of a Honda Civic, and what do you get? A crazy modder from Thailand just had to find out: Regardless of personal taste and the fact the Crown front-end is two sizes too big, it’s hard not to admire …
Kevin · August 13th, 2010

Lexus RX 240? Lexus LS 450h?

The Bangkok Post has some engine variation rumors regarding the RX & LS: Later this year, Japan’s top nameplate is set to offer a third engine variant of its RX sport-utility vehicle in the guise of RX270 with 2WD. For the first time, the new entry-level RX would be getting a four-cylinder petrol engine currently …
Kevin · July 26th, 2010

Bangkok Post Interviews Lexus LFA Chief Engineer

There’s a quick interview with Lexus LFA Chief Engineer Haruhiko Tanahashi in the Bangkok Post, and part of it addresses the decision to use an automated manual gearbox in the supercar instead of a DSG: – Have you considered a dual-clutch automatic gearbox for the LFA? I’ve tried Volkswagen’s DSG around Nurburgring. Although it must …
Kevin · July 20th, 2010

Lexus Malaysia Opens Penang Dealership

Building on the successful 2007 launch of their first facility in Kuala Lumpur, Lexus Malaysia held the grand opening of its second facility, Lexus Penang, on March 18, 2010.  The new RM1.5 million center gives Lexus customers in N. Malaysia a more locally situated facility, complete with showroom, luxury lounge, and cafe.  Further details: “Having …
Kevin · March 19th, 2010

Lexus LFAs Sold for SGD$1.25M in Singapore

According to the Business Times, Singapore’s allocation of 2 Lexus LFA supercars has been “sold at speed of light” – being spoken for even before the price was announced. Lexus Borneo Singapore received deposits of SGD$80,000 shortly after the Chinese Lunar New Year holidays from two undisclosed customers. The LFA’s price in Singapore has since …
Kevin · March 9th, 2010

Lexus Taiwan Commercial: Perfect

Prepare yourself for what may be the greatest Lexus garage setup ever: Classic. The only thing, the car selection’s a little dated—I think my four-Lexus rotating garage would comprise of: LFA, GS 450h, LS 460 AWD & a GX 460 for the wife. How about you?
Kevin · January 24th, 2010

Lexus Imitates Art

Yesterday it was Lexus creating art, and today it’s Lexus mimicking art — created by Saatchi & Saatchi Singapore, these print ads depict some of the world’s most famous painting using Lexus parts (click for larger versions): If possible, I would have that Warhol inspired print blown up huge to hang it in my office. …
Kevin · February 19th, 2009

Lexus Philippines Opens First Dealership

Lexus has opened their first dealership in the Philippines, and it’s a exceptionally beautiful facility built in Manila at the Bonifacio Global City in Taguig: {embed=“site/gallery” gallery_id=“1054 “} It was designed a collaboration between Japanese firm Nomura Co. Filipino architectural firm Recio + Casas. I’m absolutely floored, it’s gorgeous. Lexus will be offering five models …
Kevin · January 19th, 2009

The Swarovski Crystal Lexus SC 430

To promote the launch of their Crystallized collection in Taiwan, Swarovski partnered up with Lexus and designer Zheng Zhiren to create this one-of-a-kind crystal SC430: All told, there’s over 300,000 Swarovski crystals covering the SC, pushing its total value up to NT 10,000,000 ($306,045USD). Now that’s a lot of bedazzle! [Source: YAM | Via: Born …
Kevin · December 17th, 2008

Lexus to Launch in the Philippines in 2009

According to The Manila Standard, Lexus will begin sale in the Philippines starting in January 2009: Alfred Ty, son of the business tycoon George Ty, told reporters the company is set on October to break ground for the only Lexus showroom in country within the Metrobank’s property in Fort Bonifacio in Taguig. The Lexus showroom …
Kevin · July 31st, 2008

Lexus to launch in India

It was rumored late last year, but according to the India’s Economic Times, Lexus is planning to bring their cars into the market by 2010, starting with the LS and LX models: [Toyota] has started the preliminary groundwork in terms of strategy and dedicated dealership network which will be different from the network that sells …
Kevin · March 27th, 2008

Indonesia’s Lexus Gallery

After years of selling through independent importers, Lexus is now setting up dealerships in Indonesia, which look like an eccentric millionaire’s home on the outside and an art gallery inside. The exterior, I think, may be too wild, though it’s hard to get a full impression from the pasted together image at the top of …
Kevin · December 11th, 2007

Lexus Considering India Launch

Lexus, along with Alfa Romeo and Hummer, are looking at India as a potential new market, according to The India Times: Japanese car maker, Toyota does not rule out the possibility of launching its high end Lexus brand. Although the volumes will be low, even at that price point we will require a dedicated dealer …
Kevin · December 6th, 2007