Is the Lexus LFA More Durable Than a Ferrari?

Lexus LFA Yellow Prototype

Top Gear Philippines has a funny little story from Lexus executive Paul Williamsen, who recently ran into a group of Ferrari owners curious about the Lexus LFA’s durability.

(Hard to believe that yellow LFA prototype has 25,000 miles with no major repairs — classic Lexus reliability.)

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  1. Funny thing about this story is the only thing they've change multiple times is the colour
  2. Funny thing about this story is the only thing they've change multiple times is the colour
  3. Well,if that doesn't sum up Italian cars I don't know what will! LOL!
  4. But still , it doesn't meant you can drive it like a Toyota Hilux . XD
  5. what other supercar gives you a 4/50,000 basic, 6/70,000 powertrain warranty?
    • GM gives 100k miles warranty for any GM car not only supercars , simple cars are cheap and durable , expencive cars are delicated , they are expencive because of exclusivity ect ect ect , durability has no play her trust me on this one, you dont drive expencive supercars every day .....
  6. is this even a question?
  7. For the LFA you're paying top price for a reliable car. Unlike some exotics you pay a premium atop of the steep price to swap out engines every year.
    • Supercars are notorious for high maintenance. The LF-A will be no exception. High maintenance doesn't equate to "unreliable". It just means that owners need to be more active in changing the oil and doing and keeping up with basic and scheduled maintenance. In fact many supercars undeservedly have a reputation for being "unreliable" because most owners couldn't be bothered to keep up with these basic demands of the car.
    • and I assume you know this because you own an LFA?
    • Think about it. Supercars are about excess. High on horsepower and torque and that puts considerable stress on the engine and transmission components in the long run, especially if the car is driven in a hard and abusing manor. Theoretically the major components of a supercar won't be as durable as a regular car by the very nature of the stress that these parts have to endure or they will require more maintenance and servicing. It all goes back to what I said in my first post. Basic maintenance. If your LFA or Ferrari needs an oil change or a transmission inspection at _______ miles, then by all means bring it to the dealer to have it inspected. It's the best thing you can do for your cars. Any modern supercar will be built with better materials and improved production methods than the standards present during the '70s and '80s. Still, supercars are high maintenance cars. That's a fact.
    • Correct, but the LFA was put through all the enduring tests in many tracks around the world to make sure it's durable. But also its Lexus so I would assume the LFA would outlast any other supercar.
    • I don't doubt that the LFA will hold up well. But the same is true for most modern cars. Production methods and an emphasis on quality and reliability have made modern automobiles more reliable and better made than ever.
    • I dont know why this dude is even reading this page every comment I see from him are bashing Lexus cars...
  8. Ummmm...... I'm pretty sure this car will go all 100K without problems. C'mon, its a Lexus, what could possibly go wrong with the world's most reliable brand?
  9. anyone notice the all new altima stole the spindle grill from Lexus?
  10. lexus is no longer in production for a reazon lol
    • What the hell does that mean? Lexus LFA was scheduled for production of only 500 cars. Once all 500 cars rolled off the line and were sold across the globe, Lexus completed what it set out to do.
    • yea because the idea is to sell expencive those are collection cars , they only make those cars to give a good name to the brand or publicity , so fans get happy and buy lexus cars, owners dont even race them they only like to buy them for show because there are only 500 cars in the planet this cars are not a good profit for toyota because the price of the car dont go with the reliability , that is ferrary and lambo world , and not by much but those cars are better enginiered for racing that the fame ONLY lexus im a bussines man with 50 years old on my top so dont argue
  11. eat this ,, there will never be a durable high reving engine in this planet , so both cars have nothing to do with durability , those supercars are racetrack only, forget about a reliable 200000 miles ferrary or lexus ,, just put that question far a way from your little head lol what a question.
    • You clearly have no clue what you are talking about. There are tons of very high-revving engines that make it to 300,000 - 400,000 miles. Toyota had produced the 2ZZ-GE engine, which is one of the most reliable engines ever made. Looks like you are making excuses for shoddy engineering on Ferrari and Lambos etc. No one on this planet would ever say, he spent $300 - $400K for a Ferrari or Lamborghini expecting the engine would blow up in 30 - 40K miles or would be on its third DCT transmission (very common problem on newer Ferraris). Go look at the forums, lots of hugely disgruntled people upset about being felt ripped off.
    • FYI, the P014 LFA prototype has hard and track-only 60,000 miles now (this thread is 2 years old). It revs higher than any other super car at 9500 rpm (limit) and lives there with professional drivers like Scott Pruett and Justin Bell. Still, the car has never missed a single beat. All of the production LFA sold to public owners have experienced zero problems. All of them gather once a year at the race track and none them have had any issues.
    • Ferrari you say?