Insane Lexus IS/Toyota Crown/Honda Civic Mashup

Take a Lexus 2IS rear-end and a Toyota Crown front-end and meld them with the body of a Honda Civic, and what do you get? A crazy modder from Thailand just had to find out:

Honda Civic Toyota Crown Lexus IS Hybrid Rear

Honda Civic Toyota Crown Lexus IS Hybrid Side

Honda Civic Toyota Crown Lexus IS Hybrid Front

Regardless of personal taste and the fact the Crown front-end is two sizes too big, it’s hard not to admire the drive necessary to complete a project like this, and you certainly can’t fault the workmanship.

Just wild.

[Source: Stance Nation]


  1. It's not not not cool :-o
  2. That's pretty nice. Would've been better if a pro did it.
  3. Asians are creative
  4. It's just a little too low.
  5. If I were in the market for a unique one-off made car, I'd go with that new Stratos.
  6. The Lexus US site is showing the GS as 2011.
  7. @LFAaddict: Good catch. Remember how they kept doing that model year early with the RX before the new one came out? hmm...
  8. @WorldofLuxury: Mehehehe my thoughts exactly. If we're lucky, we'll be getting the 2012 GS in just a number of months. Oh boy. Don't wanna wait that long. God, if I had a time machine...:-)
  9. @LFAaddict: I still remember reading about the 2010 LFA and the 2008/2009/2010/2013 Camaro a long time back - they were myths back then. Man that was a long wait. Man I feel like I've gained nothing as I followed up on their stories. lol
  10. @LFAaddict: as the later interview with Simon Humphries he said to wait and see the new front-end of both IS&GS in the next year
  11. That guy really put alot of effort into making something really tasteless, ugly and useless...
  12. Low suspension in this car makes it hard to swallow on bad roads
  13. That's really crazy. Combining the 2 designs of Toyota and Honda will truly make a wonderful car model.