2012 Lexus ES 350 Featured in Top Gear Korea Drag Race

Now for something you don’t see every day — here’s a segment from Top Gear Korea that features a 2012 Lexus ES 350 in a drag race:

And that is how you effortlessly win the quarter-mile.


  1. The Power of LEXUS!
  2. It did have the biggest engine in the test.  But the ES is quicker than people think...... BD
    • PG

       You're right about the engine size. However, the Kia is turbocharged and meant to keep up with 3.5L V6s.
  3. I'll say one thing for Korean cars: they are an awful lot nicer to look at than they used to be.
  4. even though they say that is a 2012 ES, it cant be because it was pre refresh. before the race, you can see the ES still has the old style front bumper and fog lights
  5. RAL

    before the refresh . . . the hp was 272, not 277
  6. I'm surprised by how close the Accord and the Camry were at the finish with nearly 100 hp difference!
  7. Lexus is the best car there. Nothing like Lexus motors
  8. @ BlackDynamite - the E300 in the test also has a 3.5L but detuned to 245hp (as oppsed to 302hp in the E350)
    • the ES350 doesn't make 302hp, it makes 268-270hp. The only 350 to make over 300hp is the D-4s variation of the 2GR motor and that is currently in the GS, IS, Mark X and the Crown.
    • PG

       I think kiwilexus was referring to the E350 (the Mercedes), not the ES350.
  9. JB

    This is one of the funniest/weirdest drag race lineup ever!
  10. What's the point of this race? Nobody will buy any of these cars to drag race. You've got to be really silly to pick an ES350 as a "sports car" because it won this drag race. And that's the problem with kids these days. They see an ES winning here and immediately think it's some sort of capable sport sedan. Uh, no.
  11. 哈!哈!哈!本來覺得韓國車有再進步,結果太自傲,被LEXUS ES350追過去!哈!哈!哈。