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Lexus CT 200h Lightshows from France & Singapore

Similar to the introduction of the CT 200h in Dubai, Lexus France also did an exceptional 3D display projection on the side of the Château de Saint-Germain-en-Laye:

How brilliant that Lexus has managed to “sync” its regional launch events with a global theme. Here’s two more videos of a lightshow from Lexus Singapore — first up, the actual presentation:

Let’s follow it up with some crowd reaction:

What an experience it would have been to see these events live. I’m super impressed.

kinda sad it looks soo similar to the mazda 3 as a result i'm sure many buyers will be put off.
  • J
  • March 21, 2011
i wish lexus would put out a video showing how they did this. From a technical standpoint its pretty freakin' cool