Right-Hand Drive Lexus ES Starts Arriving in Asia-Pacific Dealerships

Lexus ES Returns to the Asia-Pacific market

After a five year hiatus, the sixth-generation ES has returned to the Asia-Pacific’s right-hand-drive markets, with the new model arriving in dealerships this week — as part of the new launch, the ES even received a police escort through Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia:


Lexus Hong Kong, Lexus Malaysia, Lexus Singapore, & Lexus Australia have all updated their websites with information on the newly-arrived model.


  1. RM260k+ , which is almost twice as much as RM140k Camry . :
  2. I found that also in all post Soviet specially my land Ukraine that the New ES priced higher than the New GS, which gives the room a lot for the GS, hope this means a true step to axe it
  3. It should also start arriving in dealerships in South Africa next week. Its the first time we have ever had the ES
  4. It never left our country Philippines so how can they say it returned to Asia-Pacific?
  5. Som

    It was planned to be assembled in Thailand but the project has been shelved after trial. It has to go to the end of the queue for March debut.
  6. Yeah dont forget South Africa is also RHD so,its probably at Dealership about the same time.
  7. I don't know why Lexus didn't sell it sooner...the ES is popular amongst the ASEAN region and its people