Crazy Toyota Aurion/Lexus LS Mutant Mashup

I can barely believe this Toyota Aurion/Camry & Lexus LS mod mashup:

Can’t even imagine the amount of time spent putting this LSurion together — like it or not, you can’t fault the owner for his creativity.

Update: The video has been taken down for whatever reason, and unfortunately, I didn’t save a copy. Sorry everybody!


  1. Personally don't like the Wide Body Kit & how the interior is done ... but the Aurion/Camry headlights & taillights is amazingly fits on LS400 !
  2. nice work on the fenders but too bad the offsets are too weak for the mod.
  3. Mad Mike from MTV's Pimp My Ride must be somewhere feeling all warm inside... check that sound system in the trunk.. 
  4. Crazy work.. But Aurion isn't available in north America, right? You guys get the Avalon
  5. Video was removed.