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World’s Largest Lexus Showroom Opens in Taiwan

The world’s largest Lexus showroom has just opened in Kaohsiung, Taiwan — here are some photos:

No further details at this time, but the massive size is visible in every one of these photos. What’s most impressive to me is how tasteful & understated the showroom is — very nicely done.

[Source: Lexus Taiwan & Lexus Europe] (Thanks Matt!)

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  • B
  • September 24, 2013
The one in Kuwait looks larger. Neither look like "The largest in the world" in size. BD
  • F
  • September 24, 2013
That's nice but yeah the one in Kuwait is defiantly larger, and rightfully so. As Lexus is the top selling luxury brand in the GCC
  • A
    Ayo DocMkize
  • September 25, 2013
Nah i still dig the one in Kuwait from a Design point of view.
  • C
  • September 25, 2013
A good thing that Lexus can have Showrooms of this size. I am in Honolulu now and the Lexus dealership here is huge. Dwarfing the Mercedes and BMW just down the road. And you see a lot of them on the road including all new models
  • D
    Darren Songfreid
  • October 3, 2013
Lexus dealerships should be more modern, appearing like upscale specialty stores. the storefronts should include large swaths of glass, brushed metals and stone paneling.