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Indonesia’s Lexus Gallery

After years of selling through independent importers, Lexus is now setting up dealerships in Indonesia, which look like an eccentric millionaire’s home on the outside and an art gallery inside.

The exterior, I think, may be too wild, though it’s hard to get a full impression from the pasted together image at the top of the post. The organic look at the left is particularly awkward, though the right side has just the right amount of character.

The interior, though, is what impresses the most:

Indonesia Lexus Gallery Interior

Marketing strategist Hermawan Kartajaya, who worked on the project, has this to say:

From the insights that had been gathered, we came out with some suggestions and one of them was to build something more than a showroom. We suggested an artistic place and called it a ‘gallery’. What are the differences actually? There are a lot of differences between a showroom and a gallery, but the main thing is: in a gallery there is a “customer flow”, just as when we visit a painting gallery or statue gallery. In art galleries there is a flow and story – the same concept applied in the Lexus Gallery.

(Another interesting point, Lexus’ slogan The Pursuit of Perfection was translated to Perfection of Personal Enjoyment for the Indonesian market.)

[Source: Hermawan Kartajaya]

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