Lexus Korea Creates Two Interactive Experiences for the Seoul Motor Show

For the Seoul Motor Show this past April, design firm designfever created two interactive experiences for the Lexus Korea display — a iPad powered interactive installation using 3D-printed Lexus scale models, and a big-screen music visualizer. The results are extremely cool.

Interactive Table

The goal of the ‘Interactive Table’ was to create a design experience that would help users understand Lexus’s philosophies and technological advances in only a short time. Using 3D printing, miniature models of Lexus’ premier cars were created to interact with the iPad platform, proving a stunning visual and tactile experience for the user.

The physical movements of the cars on the ‘Interactive Table’ created analogue responses on the tablet, bringing users into a new dimension by combining human interaction with digital stimulation.


At the ‘2013 Seoul Motor Show’ designfever introduced ‘Visualizer’, a real-time high performance visualization system rendering Lexus vehicles using light and color in the form of intersecting lines. These line forms would move in response to any sound that was created by the audience, providing a truly interactive and unique digital user experience.

More than anything, these two interactive displays look like a lot of fun — what a great way to create a memorable experience for autoshow visitors. Very well done by Lexus Korea & designfever.

[Source: designfever Via: Design You Trust]

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