V6-Powered Lexus LS 350 Debuts at China Auto Show

Lexus has quietly debuted a new V6-powered variant of the new LS flagship at the Shenzhen-Hong Kong-Macao International Auto Show in China — the LS 350 will get a 10-speed transmission, 318 horsepower and 280 lb.ft-of-torque. Here are some photos from auto-sina.com.cn:

There’s no official press release at this time, but it’s safe to assume the LS 350 is powered by the same 2GR-FKS engine found in the Japan-spec GS 350. This is a natural fit in China, where the competition are models like the 272-hp Mercedes S320 and 204-hp Audi A8.

Auto Review Russia has some further analysis:

Chinese journalists have suggested that the new Lexus LS 350 should cost about one million yuan, or $146,000 USD. This means that the luxury tax will not apply, as it falls under the $190k retail price. Lexus LS 500 in China is not yet on sale, but its price is clearly above this bar.

Considering the extremely low-key announcement, it’s possible the LS 350 will only be offered in China. More details as they emerge.

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