Lexus LM Luxury Minivan to Debut at Shanghai Motor Show

Lexus MPV LM

It’s now official — Lexus will debut the LM flagship luxury minivan at the Shanghai Motor Show. From the translated Lexus China press release:

Lexus will deubt a new member of the flagship family at the 2019 Shanghai International Auto Show: the new Lexus LM world premiere of the luxury MPV. This is the fifth flagship product launched by Lexus after the flagship luxury sedan LS, the flagship luxury GT coupe LC, the full-size luxury SUV LX and the luxury yacht LY.

Lexus integrates the oriental car philosophy into the new LM, creating a new style of MPV that is connected to the minds of drivers and passengers. With exquisite craftsmanship, a comfortable ride, and a cockpit atmosphere at home, you will find a place to relax, indulge in meditation and inspire your inspiration.

The above teaser image reveals little, though adjusting the brightness does give a clear idea of the side profile:

Lexus LM Brightened

The expectation is that the LM MPV will only be available in China and East Asia, though there has been no confirmation to that effect. For Lexus to classify it as a flagship vehicle is significant, and not to be taken lightly — this could be the most opulent minivan ever released by a luxury manufacturer.

The Lexus LM luxury minivan will debut on April 16th at the Shanghai Motor Show.