Lexus LFA Car Crash in China

A white Lexus LFA has crashed in China, and photos of the accident have been posted on the Wrecked Exotics website:

Lexus LFA Crashed in China

Lexus LFA Crashed in China

Lexus LFA Crashed in China

No details on the crash, but the damage appears to be significant — let’s all hope that no one was injured in the accident.

(Strange that the only other publicly known LFA accident was also white.)

[Source: Wrecked Exotics]


  1. That'll buff right out..... White (or "The Whitest White") is the most popular LFA color. BD
  2. I hate to say I told you so. But they really are the that bad on the road. #smh #lol *sigh* That makes 498. It just got even more exclusive.
  3. No! There was one that crashed in Germany on the Autobahn that was yellow.
  4. I mean in my place there is WORST!! but seriously you can CRASH anything ACCEPT the LFA -_- XD
  5. I always wondered about wrecked exotic cars, can the owner ship it back to Japan and pay lexus to fix it? Did they make spare parts?
  6. Seriously? wtf, this pisses me off.
  8. 499 are still there. The other white one that was crashed was fully repaired and then was exported out to Canada. It is in Ontario Canada now (Markham, ON).
  9. Evn

    This is painful to see. Judging from the damage to the side, maybe the carbon fiber tub has been compromised? Hopefully it can be repaired and then sent to an owner who truly appreciates the car instead of treating it as just another toy.
  10. I've deleted one blatantly racist comment and will close this thread if it happens again.
  11. The carbon fiber door... BENT?! Is that possible?! Looks like the insurance companies have to rethink their rates on white and black cars. They always assume that a black car has little visibility at night and tend to be hit if parked by the curb.
  12. I wonder what will become of this car ? Sure it banging up but theres plenty of good and working parts... highly doubt it will be dumped at some junkyard... maybe sent back to Toyota ?
  13. Hate to see someone have a wreck--hope they weren't injured !!! The LFA is a great car and handles better than any car I've ever had out of 65---25 were exotics.
  14. KR

    It's just a car crash. You should not take it personal and bullshit Chinese people. You stupid racism.
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