First Production Lexus LFA Crash

It was only a matter of time — here are photos from the first known crash of a production Lexus LFA:

Lexus LFA Car Crash Front
Lexus LFA Car Crash Side
Lexus LFA Car Crash Rear

Details are sparse, but the sleuths over at Club Lexus have determined that this is LFA #142, which was originally delivered to Lexus of Orlando.

According to CarFax, the accident happened on October 8th, 2011, after which the LFA was picked up by Howard Brown & Sons Auto Sales in Sun Valley, California before ultimately being sold in Texas by Expo Motor Cars.

As for the damage itself, I can only assume that the accident was in traffic — both the front and rear of the car appear to be affected, which suggests the LFA was sandwiched between two other cars. Regardless, it’s not a pretty sight.

[Source: Howard Brown & Sons Via: Club Lexus]

Update: Here’s a video of the #140 LFA: