New Lexus LS Sees $90,000 Price Decrease in China

Lexus LS 350

Lexus China announced LS pricing at the Guangzhou Motor Show this month, and it’s very favorable for the new flagship sedan.

According to Response, China will be getting two models: the LS 350 with a 318 horsepower V6, and the LS 500h hybrid. The LS 350 will begin at ¥900,000 ($136,000 USD), with the LS 500h slightly higher at ¥990,000 ($150,000 USD).

Lexus LS 350 Rear

This may seem high to North Americans, but the LS 350 is 40% less than the outgoing LS 460, which currently retails at ¥1,490,000 ($226,000 USD). This new price brings the LS inline with the rest of the market, just below the ¥938,000 Mercedes S320 and just above the Audi A8L at ¥879,800.

It remains to be seen what type of impact the new pricing will have on LS sales. Lexus sold 109,000 vehicles last year in China, and is second-biggest single market for Lexus sales after the United States.