New Lexus Hybrid to Be Introduced at Shanghai Auto Show

Lexus GS 450h Hybrid Badge

Lexus China has announced that an all-new hybrid model will debut at the Shanghai Auto Show this week:

In addition, an all-new model showcasing Lexus’ latest hybrid technology will make its world debut at Auto Shanghai 2013. It successfully integrates forward-looking environmental protection concepts with a joyful driving experience, and will diversify Lexus’ hybrid line-up.

Considering the lack of pre-reveal hype and the fact that this announcement was buried in a press release, this new model is likely an additional hybrid option to an existing model — my guess would be the longawaited GS 300h, powered by the 2.5L four-cylinder hybrid engine introduced in the new IS 300h.

The Shanghai Auto Show opens to the automotive press on April 20th.

[Source: Lexus China] (Thanks Jake!)


  1. It is the GS 300h.
  2. D25

    Is that a teaser picture that was released too or just a Lexus model currently out?
    • Not a teaser, it's a photo of the GS 450h hybrid badge.
    • Those wheels definitely the picture as a base GSh. Weather it's a GS450h or a GS300h we will soon find out! UK dealers expect the GS300h in dealerships at the end of the year.
  3. wish they would bring the is300h to america with fsport and fog lights to the fsport varients
  4. And which North America will prob. not see... :(
    • North America might see the IS300h and GS300h in 2014 or 2015 as Lexus aims to provide 8 or 9 global hybrid models.
  5. No chance it could be the NX???
  6. Could be the rx300h as well
  7. What about a CT 300h?
  8. MT

    Tomorrow we will know. I bet it isn't something new. Just some completely irrelevant stuff like LED foglights on the RX450. :-(
  9. Lexus UK have confirmed this is the GS300h on Facebook.