New Details on 2014 Lexus IS 300h Engine

2014 Lexus IS 300h

On December 25th in Japan, the all-new Toyota Crown was introduced with the 2.5L hybrid engine that’s expected to power the 2014 Lexus IS 300h.

Going from the press release, this new rear-wheel-drive hybrid system brings D-4S technology together with a 2.5-liter, four-cylinder inline Atkinson cycle engine and high-torque electric motor — all together, it produces 217 total system horsepower and 163 lb-ft of torque while delivering fuel economy of 54.8 mpg (4.29L/100km) and a CO2 of 100 g/km.

(As it stands, only European & Asian markets will be offering the first-ever IS hybrid — the Lexus IS 300h will not be available in North America.)

For full specifications, check out the chart after the jump.

Engine Model 2AR-FSE
Displacement 2,493 cc
Maximum output 131 kW (178 PS)/6,000 rpm
Maximum torque 221 N-m (22.5 kgf-m)/4,200—4,800 rpm
Motor Model 1KM
Maximum output 105 kW (143 PS)
Maximum torque 300 N-m (30.6 kgf-m)
Complete system Maximum output* 162 kW (220 PS)
Battery Nickel-metal hydride
*Using both engine power and electric motor power; based on TMC calculations


  1. Is the Crown related to the IS...? Cuz they sure look extremely similar!
  2. kb

    I just hope that the model crown will NEVER be offered in Europe.
    • Well...the Crown is styled for Asian tastes & like sushi...which I've grown to an aquired taste.I think...looking at past has gotten much more youthful & athletic looking...more like an A6 & less like an Avalon.If I lived in Japan,I might choose the Crown Athlete over the similarly priced GS F-Sport...which I really like.
  3. Wow 140 hp and 221 lb-ft of torque from the electric engine. That'll make one quick EV mode hybrid.
  4. I was aware of the new Crown being released recently,but never made the connection with the 3rd gen. IS due to the fact that the Crown is more GS based.Great observation KREW! Happy New Year everybody!
  5. Man Bring that Baby to the US!!!
  6. The IS300h will almost certainly have lower CO2 (smaller lighter car) and so comfortably sneak in under 100g. If this car is as heavy as a GS then maybe the rumoured GS300h will sneak in under 100g too? Which would be a sensational result.  Or maybe they produce a special lower spec GS300h that just manages 99g (e.g. drop electric seats and other toys).As the GS300h is also not destined for the US, it doesn't look like the US will see this particular RWD hybrid power train in any model, which is a real shame.
  7. Put that engine in the CT! BD
  8. i was waiting to buy this car.. but looks like it wont be here.. which is such a shame. this would have been the first rear wheel drive fun hybrid. GS is too expensive and does not get good economy
  9. hmm I read that the new 300H will weight in at nearly 4000lbs. Maybe if they put it on a big diet and up the power people will swarm the car. Lexus is losing out alot on not bringing the IS here getting 50+ mpg that's a SUPER PLUS.
  10. I'm guessing markets which get the IS300H will not be getting the IS350..
    • Yes, we don't have the IS350 here in the UK (or the GS350 for that matter). It still astonishes me that Lexus don't appear to be planning to release this RWD hybrid system in ANY US bound model.  Whereas we will get it in 2 models in Europe (IS and GS).  US buyers are stuck with the non D-4S FWD version already released in the ES300h and Camry.
    • Australia is getting both of these engines. Maybe that is the exception.
  11. Prius fuel economy in a sports sedan? Quite impressive.
  12. Will there be a plug in version as well?
  13. What does 54.8 MPG equate to in US MPG?