Lexus GS 300h Trademark Registered in Australia

Lexus GS 300h

Lexus has registered GS 300h as an Australian trademark, which may indicate that a second hybrid option for the fourth-generation sports sedan may be offered in the future.

Mirroring a similar IS 300h trademark discovered late last year, a GS 300h would likely be built around a four-cylinder engine focused on fuel economy rather than power — one possible fit is the 2.5L 2AR-FXE four-cylinder engine from the new Toyota Camry Hybrid, which puts out 200 bhp (149kW) with a combined fuel economy of 41 mpg (5.7 L/100 km).

With both the IS & GS being registered with this 300h trademark, it would suggest this is a real possibility, and regardless of the exact powertrain, it would be a very smart move by Lexus — especially in the European market where engine options are a very important consideration.

I’m in favor of a four-cylinder GS hybrid — what do you think?

[Source: ATMOSS] (Thanks Matt!)