Lexus IS 300h Trademark Registered in Australia

Lexus IS 300h

In what may be a sign of things to come, Lexus has registered the IS 300h trademark in Australia.

Filed by the Toyota Motor Corporation on July 25th, 2011, the IS 300h is registered under TM #1439434 on the Australian Trade Mark System, and could be a good indication of the possible hybrid powertrain for the next-generation IS.

As it stands, no Lexus model is offered with the 300h designation, meaning the hybrid system used would be a brand new gas-electric combination. There’s also no telling if the base engine would be a four-cylinder or a V6, but if I had to guess, I would lean toward the 2.5L 4GR-FSE V6 used in the current IS 250.

Regardless of the engine used, an IS 300h would sit perfectly between the IS 250 & IS 350 in the lineup, and would likely offer just the right balance of fuel efficiency and power to make it very, very popular.

What do you think?

[Source: ATMOSS] (Thanks Matt!)


  1. Either the 2.5-liter V6 or the 2.5-liter L4 is doing good for me ... L4 might be lighter while V6 would have slightly better power if it's directed picked from IS250 , transmission better be 6MT or 6AT while have F-Sport available .
  2. Don't rule out the boxer. Gr Hube
  3. i guess it´s the same "game" as Toyota is doing in Europe at the moment...taking the Prius powertrain and put it into the Auris (Corolla) Hybrid, CT 200h and Prius v. so for the IS i think Toyota will take the Camry Hybrid powertrain for the Lexus IS Hybrid.
  4. The IS needs a 240-250HP engine. to work against the C300 and 328i If they get there with a engine that is over 30MPG combined, even better! BD
  5. It will be an improved version of the 2.5 V6 from the current IS 250 plus Lexus' hybrid system. Same as happened with the GS 450h where the brought over the same gasoline engine from the previous model. People who are talking about turbocharged 4-cyl engines and even boxer-engines must be out of their minds. It doesnt need 250HP as it's supposed to be a sensible and pretty normal luxury car with the right amount of power. It's not a racecar! A Lexus should always have an engine with at least 6 cylinders.
    • So ... CT200h & HS250h isn't a Lexus ? IS200 have a performance cousin , the Altezza RS200 ... that was the gold moment for Altezza/IS , high performance on small engine ; a forced-induction 4-cylinder engine doesn't meant it have to be just all about power , it could be set for Torque & Fuel Consumption ... with the advantage of lightness .
  6. approx 225hp from the 300h should the power output from the hybrid 2.5 V6 comparing with the 450h
  7. This trademark is also registered in the UK system - looking at the dates when the CT200h trademark was registered, hopefully a hybrid IS series is only a year or so away.
  8. F1

    Well the 2.5L V6 + Hybrid motor = Better performance and fuel economy But not my cup of tea asI would choose an IS350 over this any day of the week
  9. What they COULD DO is make a IS250h as the base model with 230HP.  An IS300 with a 3.0 V6 and 250HP and a IS350 with the engine in the GS350. Like the GS, they could eliminate an engine (base gas engine), and replace it with the hybrid, and just go with 2 engines.  Then a manual tranny would be gone from the line. They could keep the underpowered 2.5, but that needs more power.  It's not competitive with C300 or 328i.  Period. BD
    • The base IS 2.5 V6 is a much better alternative to the base model BMW 320i and Mercedes Benz C200 (1.8L 4) and costs less to get into. The IS350 will take good care of the C300, C350, 328i, 335i... Lexus needs the hybrid power plant for this model to compete with deisels, that is all its suppose to do...
    • People buy HP The 250 is too weak vs the 328i/C300. Get strong, or get lost BD
    • Im not sure if your country sells the 320i or c200K, so might not understand where im coming from... If people who enjoy abit of power (like you and me) they will be looking into an IS350 and comparing that to the 328i/335i or C300/C350 and we would be "stronger" Now some of the market arent like us, who will be after a sensible luxury car with good looks and a lower entry price point...
    • the 328i and the C300 are compared to the IS350??? not the IS250?? as stated in lexisf 's previous comment...
  10. Look for the IS300h powertrain to debut in the upcoming new design ES300h. Should be available in early fall 2012. Also, the CT200h may get a factory turbo option in 2013.
  11. As others have said, this is far more likely to have the same powertrain as the 2012 Camry hybrid, which is also destined for the GS in Europe & Japan at least.  In fact the IS300h and GS300h will debut at the same time in 2013. What will be interesting is if Lexus follow the logic of this and put the 3.5ltr V6 hybrid powertrain from the new GS450h into the next LS.  (Giving the LS 2 hybrid options - LS450h and LS600h). So GSh will have 2 options - 2.5ltr 4cyl (GS300h) and 3.5ltr V6 (GS450h) and LSh will also have 2 options - 3.5ltr V6 (LS450h) and 5.0ltr V8 (LS600h) Isn't California considering restricting sales of cars with CO2 over 160g/km by 2018?  If this happens you can see Lexus possibly going hybrid only in this state for the RX, GS and LS (I would expect the next LS600h to be under 160g/km).
    • Never heard of Lexus using the Camry engine in the GS. I detect bullshit from you, Ms. There is allready both a LS 450h and a LS 600h today. There are 2 hybrid options in the LS. You havent been paying attentions, Ms.
    • There is no LS450h.  You must be confusing with the LS460 which is not a hybrid.
    • F1

      Wrong, the Lexus doesn't use engines from Toyota for IS, GS & LS.. For example the 3.5L engine in the IS350 is different then the 3.5L in the Avalon which has the 2GR-FE where as is350 uses the 2GR-FSE which is a different tuned engine and has direct & port injection for much better performance @ 306HP
  12. I think IS series as well as ES series hybrid model are long overdue.  I think they could very well use the the GS450h powertrain for the IS model since the chassis are very similar.  (ie. IS450h)    I am hoping ES would get AWD Model as well as hybrid model in the future??